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Changing energy industry sees rising costs

Energy markets around the world are changing rapidly. The share of renewable energy sources around the world is growing, and grid infrastructures are becoming more localized. Fuel costs continue to rise, and massive investments are needed to make existing power plants compliant with ever stricter regulations. In these challenging times, it is necessary to design cost-effective energy generation systems. Effectively controlling costs is a decisive competitive edge for all players in the energy sector, giving them the economic flexibility they need for action.

Cost-effective operation as the key to future viability

Companies in the power sector are facing their greatest challenges today, with constant cost increases, pressure on earnings and stronger competition from new providers. At the same time, environmental and efficiency-related regulations make it necessary for them to constantly innovate. Achieving cost-effective energy generation means choosing the right solutions, technologies and business models for each of our customers. Embracing innovative technologies and combining various energy sources can help lower expenditures on the OPEX side by ensuring the most intelligent energy mix. This gives companies more latitude for further strategic developments or to optimize existing operations.

lower LCOE achieved by combining GenSet-based power plants with BESS and PV
decrease in CO2 emissions thanks to hybrid engine power plants

MAN solutions for energy cost optimization 

MAN Energy Solutions helps customers overcome the challenges to their business in an increasingly complex economic environment. With best-in-class, highly efficient products and solutions, we put companies in a position to generate the most cost-effective energy possible.

We provide our customers with a 360-degree perspective on power plant engineering – from the ideal technological solution and compliance with energy policy standards to ensuring cost-effective operations. Our versatile, highly efficient power plant solutions are designed to meet all customer requirements, specifically in terms of optimized capital and operation expenditures, and sustainable reliability.


Service solutions for energy cost optimization 

MAN PrimeServ offers advanced modernization solutions to increase the reliability, availability and economic efficiency of existing facilities and equipment. We also customize modernization and retrofit solutions for specific customer applications and machinery.


To MAN PrimeServ

total fuel efficiencies for Combined Heat & Power applications
fuel efficiency in an engine combined cycle scheme.

MAN energy cost optimization solutions at work for our customers

Our energy cost optimization solutions are designed to meet a wide range of customer requirements and applications – helping them stay competitive while improving their overall environmental impact.

MAN builds innovative CHP plant for EnBW

Customer:EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
Customer typ:Utility
Application: Combined heat & power
Location of installation: Stuttgart-Gaisburg, Germany
Engine type:3 x 20V35/44G
Fuel:Natural gas
Output:31 MWel + 30 MWth
Commercial Operation:COD planned for 12/2018
MAN’s Work Scope:Extended equipment supply

Our products for power generation


Innovative solutions and technologies to optimize the cost of power generation

  • Cost-effective operation keeps companies competitive
  • Environmentally sound solutions towards a carbon-neutral future
  • Less energy waste, greater energy production
  • Compliance with all regulations
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