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Ensuring reliable energy supply wherever needed 

The main focus of the energy industry is to provide a reliable, secure energy supply to people everywhere in the world today. This is essential to fulfill basic demands, ensure secure, stable systems, and promote positive economic development.

Electricity – an essential need


Everyone needs access to reliable energy – countries and individuals, industries and businesses, in various contexts, and for different purposes. A secure energy supply is essential to help emerging and developing countries, regions with deficient infrastructures, or remote areas to achieve their economic potential. Reliable energy is the key to ensuring stability and security in case of emergencies, blackouts or any other interruptions. Finally, fluctuating renewable energy sources require backup or supplemental solutions to keep electricity available at all times

global increase in energy demand by 2040
quadrillion Btu (British thermal units) will be the worlds’ energy consumption in 2040
of new energy capacity in the EU made up by renewables. Wind power will become the leading source of electricity after 2030

MAN solutions for securing energy supplies around the world

In today’s changing energy landscape, providers absolutely need to ensure a reliable power supply that offers operational flexibility. Our power plant solutions deliver high efficiency, flexibility, safety and reliability, and are designed to master the challenges of providing a secure energy supply around the world.

When it comes to ensuring top reliability and securing the energy supply, MAN offers its customers unique expertise and the right products and solutions. Our portfolio ranges from stationary engines and turbines for the most rugged environments to emergency diesel generators for nuclear power plants. We also offer versatile energy solutions to fill in when the weather keeps solar and wind power supplies low.


Service solutions for secure energy supply 

MAN PrimeServ provides exclusive aftersales support for MAN’s entire product portfolio. The service brand of MAN Energy Solutions maintains the efficiency and availability of customer plants and equipment, helping to optimize operation.

To MAN PrimeServ

hours availability per year made possible by reliable, durable and easy-to-operate MAN engines and turbines
expert support around the world provided by MAN PrimeServ, available through a global network of service facilities

MAN supplies engines for Powerships

MAN and Karadeniz Powership Company Ltd. worked together on a fleet of powerships to be deployed throughout the world, helping to temporarily cover local power demands as needed.

Customer: Karadeniz Powership Company Ltd
Customer typ: IPP
Application:  Power Ships & Barges, base load power for grid
Location of installation:  Middle East, Africa and Indonesia
Engine type:81 x MAN 4X (48/60 and 51/60) engines  in liquid, gas or dual-fuel version
Fuel:Liquid (MDO & HFO), Gas (natural gas), Dual-fuel (natural gas / MDO & HFO)
After all Output: 1500 MW
References Karadeniz Powerships

Our products for reliable power generation


MAN offers expert solutions to ensure a secure energy supply

  • Secure supply of energy for increased reliability
  • Increased fuel efficiency and flexibility
  • High availability
  • Safe facilities, easy to operate and maintain
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