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Let’s look into your future

It all starts with a tiny anomaly. Something is off by just a little bit in a machine – not noticeable, even to an experienced operator. But it’s not going to go away on its own. Sooner or later, it will have consequences: performance degradation, safety hazards or even failure and downtime.

But what if you could look into the future? What if you could be aware of and understand that tiny anomaly and its potential consequences in real time? And then do something about it in time?
Now you can. Now there’s PrimeServ Assist.

PrimeServ Assist is the next step in the evolution of secure remote equipment monitoring. We track your equipment data in near realtime and perform instant analysis to improve your equipment’s availability, safety and performance.


PrimeServ Assist – the service solution for remote monitoring and optimization


Welcome to the new proactive service solution from MAN Energy Solutions. PrimeServ Assist empowers you to maximize the efficiency, safety and availability of your MAN machinery and helps you reduce OPEX through proactive maintenance and performance optimization based on more than 20 years of experience in remote monitoring.

Using 24/7 near real-time data stream from your machines, our proprietary algorithms scan and analyze your data to detect anomalies that could indicate machinery availability, safety or performance issues. MAN ES experts in Remote Operation Centers monitor, evaluate and support your on-site and office staff covering you in all time zones, with:

  • Ad-hoc safety and availability notifications
  • Pro-active maintenance advice
  • Pro-active performance optimization advice
  • Instant technical support 

Based on these notifications you can take the measures necessary to ensure that your operation can run safely at maximum efficiency and without interruption.

The digital infrastructure

The MAN CEON cloud is a central element of PrimeServ Assist – your equipment is connected to it using fully secured, end-to-end encrypted SSL connections. 

  • Data collection – data from machinery is collected locally at your ship or plant
  • Data transmission – data is transferred via satellite link or landline from the ship/plant to the MAN CEON cloud, where it is analyzed and stored – accessible to you and our Remote Operations Centers
  • Data monitoring and evaluation – Our experts in the Remote Operation Centers monitor and evaluate data 24/7
  • Status and advise for customer - Our experts provide notifications, advice and status information to you.

Sounds interesting? Click below for in-depth information on MAN PrimeServ Assist service solutions for your industry.


Always up, always on

MAN experts ensure around the-clock proactive PrimeServ Assist services. If your organization is interested in MAN PrimeServ Assist, contact us now.


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