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It’s competitive out there. Your profitability and customer satisfaction are always on the line. To stay ahead of the game, you and your equipment need to execute flawlessly. Using the latest digital technologies, we’ll help you maximize your equipment availability, safety and performance.

Decision making made easy

The earlier you know about a potential problem, the earlier you can take steps to prevent it altogether. That’s the heart of how PrimeServ Assist works: Continuous, comprehensive and near real-time machine monitoring and data analysis with instant notifications that allow you to take action.

24/7 nonstop service
365 days a year
100 percent commitment

Algorithms that don’t miss a thing

The data collected from your power plants reaches our Remote Operation Center where the MAN algorithms look for anything that’s out of the ordinary. The second anyhing is found, the MAN expert will react.

Product experts who know what to do

Our Remote Operation Center is staffed with experts covering machinery operation and maintenance, data analysis and electronics to proactively support customers operating in all time zones. When they see something in your data that’s not right, they’ll notify your on-site and office staff with: 

  • Ad-hoc notifications for maximum safety and availability
  • Pro-active maintenance advice
  • Pro-active performance advice

 Your benefits: machinery availability, safety, and efficiency.

Reduce your OPEX

Our experts pro-actively support you in operational decision-making process to help you meet your service-level agreements with your customers and to reduce OPEX. 

PrimeServ Assist enables you to minimize

  • unexpected downtime
  • performance degradation
  • maintenance costs


Our platform for machine data visualization, analysis and communication between you and MAN - available on any device.

PS CEON_icons
PS CEON_Assist
  1. Machinery temperature is collected.
  2. Abnormal temperature spikes are detected.
  3. Experts in the PrimeServ Assist Remote Operation Center are alerted and evaluate the situation. They contact your ship through the MAN CEON platform.
  4. Now a specific maintenance or adjustment job can be started.
Turbo_PS in action

Always up, always on

MAN experts are connected by a global network to ensure round-the-clock proactive PrimeServ Assist services. If your organization is interested in MAN PrimeServ Assist contact us now.


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