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MAN Energy Solutions unites comprehensive technologies and competencies under one roof including high and medium speed engines and gensets, injection systems, turbochargers, control and after-treatment systems, as well as complete mechanical and electrical power and propulsion trains.


Turning power into movement


Optimized propulsion systems

The MAN 45/60CR complies with the most demanding NOX regulations in combination with the compact MAN SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) exhaust gas aftertreatment system.

Together with the innovative MAN ECOMAP function, it offers a whole new dimension in efficiency levels under different vessel operating profiles. The MAN 45/60CR will be a major contribution to achieving the stringent Energy Efficiency Design Indices (EEDI) of the future.

  •  Increased fuel efficiency 
  • Improved performance 
  • Solutions for your specific needs 
  • Optimized for your ship’s operational profile 
  • All components from a  single source

Alternative routes to costeffectiveness


Hybrid marine propulsion systems

In a hybrid system, mechanical and electric engines work together to provide power for propulsion and hotel loads, optimizing the fuel efficiency of vessels with a flexible power demand. 

Together with Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA), we provide complete system solutions for electric and battery-hybrid propulsion. AKA’s specialized expertise is the integration of electric propulsion and energy storage systems as well as providing power management controls.


  • Fewer NOx, SOx and CO2 emissions  
  • Zero emissions when just batteries are used (especially at slow speeds or harbor)  
  • Increased fuel efficiency 
  • Silent operation  
  • Wide range of operation modes

Going further with gas


LNG supply and bunker systems

Natural gas is an environmentally friendly power source that contributes to profitability. Our dual fuel systems reduce emissions, increase fuel efficiency and power density and keep operation economical. 

Our LNG solutions can be tailored to meet every requirement, from LNG technology for dual fuel propulsion to complete LNG handling systems, including carriers, floating storage and regasification units, and feeder and bunker vessels.

  • Clean burning gas, fewer NOx emissions
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Lower operating costs
  • Flexibility and fuel independence
  • One point of contact for all components, training and support

The power of clean


Exhaust after-treatment systems

Selective catalytic reduction is the most approved means for NOX reduction. Our MAN SCR systems optimize ship perfor­mance not only in terms of emissions, but also economy and operation.

Ship operators benefit from smart processes, efficient operation and predictive maintenance services. Using MAN SCR in combination with MAN ECOMAP can reduce the operating costs of the entire system

  • Reduce NOx emissions up to 90 % 
  • IMO Tier III compliance 
  • Increased fuel efficiency 
  • One source, one point of contact 



  • Exhaust after-treatment systems
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  • Hybrid marine propulsion systems
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  • Optimized propulsion systems
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