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This is the first of its kind global digital summit which covers all energy transition topics - Hydrogen, Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage, digitalization and large modification projects in rotating equipment.

Participation is free but has the benefit of exchange with peers from your industry, direct discussion with the best topic experts, panel discussions with industry leaders to gaining your individual certificates on the above mentioned topics for your career. And remember: it’s digital – this summit will not take place in a single location. You will switch between different virtual rooms to experience the different topics.

What is in it for you?

At the summit, you will have access to virtual rooms to get detailed insights into Hydrogen Production (H-TEC), Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage (CCUS), Digital Solutions & Service Agreements, Omnicare – our service on non-MAN equipment, Turnaround & Upgrade Solutions. 

Listen to exciting panel discussions, receive important information direct from prominent industry speakers and our MAN and H-TEC experts. There will also be interesting presentations and interactive demos where you can explore our products and new solutions.

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Speeches and Panel Discussions

H-TEC: Product & product Outlook
Jonas Wahl, Director Product Management

  • Product portfolio of H-TEC
  • Indoor solution for the Hydrogen Cube System


CCUS introduction and global perspective

Peter Klotzsche, Head of Sales CCS
Dr. Markus Röhner, Site Manager Berlin, Head of R&D Engineering Integral Geared Compressors

  • From climate change to a carbon neutral world
  • Why do we need CCUS for our planet?
  • How do we link carbon dioxide and hydrogen together
  • How will be the global market perspective look like?


Panel Discussion “Green Hydrogen”        


Virtual trainings by MAN Energy Solutions
Marc Ryf, Project Manager

Carolin Bahmann, Augmented and Virtual Reality Developer

  • Virtual Reality enables versatile trainings in a safe environment without pressure of time
  • Explore, feel and put your hands on e.g. TURBAIR® vacuum blowers anywhere and anytime


PrimeServ Assist Demo
Julio José Valero, Team Leader Consulting & Digital Services

Philipp Hollstein, Digital Service Engineer

  • Remote Operation Center
  • MAN monitoring tool CEON
  • Algorithms
  • Use Cases


Reduce your CO2 footprint – Efficiency optimization with PrimeServ Assist

Thomas Borgmann, Service Contracts & Consulting

  • Monitoring entire machine trains
  • Possible approaches


Panel Discussion “CCUS”

Global CCS Institute, BASF, Shell, MAN Energy Solutions


Upgrades: your goals, our solutions
Marco Schwarz, Head of Engineering PrimeServ Industries AMA

  • Upgrades on axial and centrifugal compressors
  • Modernization of non-OEM equipment


Autonomous operation for turbomachinery trains

Jörg Massopust, Head of Digital Sales & Alliances

  • Innovative digital solutions and roadmap
  • Paradigm shift in Industries


First class and leading compression technology – From engineering to production

Peter Klotzsche, Head of Sales CCS

  • Experience the world wide leading technology from
  • MAN ES in CO2 compression
  • Introduction of the Integral Geared Type Compressor (IGC) as the most flexible and efficient turbomachine possible
  • Follow us on the way from Engineering to our world class production in Germany
  • MAN ES' value chain at a glance


How H-TEC is driving the scale up of green hydrogen

Robin von Plettenberg, CEO/CSO H-TEC Systems

  • H-TEC’s unique position to address massive demand for green hydrogen.
  • Technology and development projects References and project examples


Join our world class references for CCUS

Dr. Marco Ernst, Head of Sales & Project Management CCS
Rene Dittmer, Sales CCS

  • Let’s look at more than 20 running references for CO2 compression up to 200 bar and high volume flows
  • Let’s listen to the voice of the customer operating
  • MAN Energy Solutions CO2 compressors


The carbon ABC - all you need to know…

Christian Rufer, Head of Business Intelligence and Development

  • What does the “Carbon ABC” mean:
  • Avoidance, Balance and Capture
  • Which ways of utilization do we offer?
  • MAN Energy Solutions CCUS portfolio from A-Z at a glance


Dynamic process simulation & virtual commissioning

Mahsa Atyabi, Simulation engineer

  • Digital twins for industrial processes
  • Software optimization prior to real commissioning


Turnaround Solutions: your turnaround, our passion

Oliver Tromm, Head of Product Center Zurich
Simon Arzt, Head of Field Service

  • Proper planning and execution of your turnaround
  • Examples of large turnarounds executed by MAN Energy Solutions


Panel Discussion “Digitalization”

Aker BP, thyssenkrupp Uhde, Amazon Web Services, MAN Energy Solutions


Follow us into the carbon utilization world

Benedikt Ackerschott, Sales Manager DWE reactors

  • What does the “U” in CCUS really stands for?
  • The full scope of utilization at MAN Energy Solutions like from PtX, e-Fuels and more
  • All the offerings of MAN Energy Solutions


Virtual Sensors: enhancing availability with artificial intelligence

Hans-Joachim Steinort, R&D Engineer Artificial Intelligence

  • What is artificial intelligence and how we use it with control systems
  • How virtual sensors allow efficiency monitoring and avoidance of spurious trips


Omnicare: your one-stop shop
Florian Papenberg, Head of Omnicare PrimeServ Industries
Romain Bayère, Lead Omnicare Zurich

  • Introduction into PrimeServ Omnicare and its offering
  • Get a deeper insight into our Reverse Engineering

Key Challenges

The energy transition will completely redesign our industry in the next decade. What will this specifically mean for you and your company and the rotating equipment you manage? Which role will hydrogen play? How can you apply Carbon Capture and Storage? Which opportunities does Digitalization offer? What will turnarounds look like in the future? If you are interested in these questions join your peers in the digital summit on Rotating Equipment. ​

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