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Hybrid energy from Augsburg with ILLUMINE as an intelligent control system

We are paving the way for a smarter energy supply: the ILLUMINE hybrid energy plant combines renewable energies, thermal power generation and energy storage systems in an island network, at the center of which is an energy management system (EMS). This is the brain of the system. It controls the storage of excess energy from the sun and ensures the availability of electricity with immediate top-ups from controllable generators. The result: greater reliability and higher fuel efficiency with lower emissions and a better CO₂ footprint.

Using energy for a smart planet 

Many of our customers are concerned with decarbonization nowadays and are integrating an increasing share of renewables into their power systems.

But how can we ensure a stable energy supply when the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine? This is exactly where MAN’s Energy Management System comes into play. We aim to make optimum use of our customers’ existing plants, minimize their operating costs and reduce their carbon footprint. With ILLUMINE, we are making a significant contribution to the decentralized energy generation of tomorrow: an intelligent control system!

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What is behind the smart system and how does it work



Here at our site in Augsburg, we have set up an initial pilot project to test ILLUMINE. We installed a small-scale hybrid power plant consisting of a MAN gas engine, a photovoltaic system and a battery storage unit. We can simulate various loads and operate the plant in grid-parallel or island mode.

To control the plant, we have developed a mathematical model, which automatically determines the most cost-efficient operating strategy based on various input variables, like weather forecasting or engine operating data.

Flexible performance


The engine unit provides a flexible power reserve for the hybrid energy system: If needed, the generator can ramp up its output from 0 to 100 % in just 5 seconds and can feed up to 400 kW into the grid.

During periods of peak demand from industrial or private consumers, or when the photovoltaic system and the battery do not cover the energy demand, the engine supplements the other forms of generation and thus ensures that the energy supply is absolutely stable, even in extreme situations.

Conversely, the integration of the battery and photovoltaic system allows to operate ILLUMINE even when the generators are switched off, thus minimizing fuel consumption and wear.

Intelligent control


The energy management system (EMS) is ILLUMINE’s intelligent control system. It processes multiple relevant influencing variables in real time – these variables affect isolated operation but also link the system to the outside world: What weather and performance forecasts are available for the photovoltaic system?

How does battery use affect the long-term operating costs? Do the consumers have any specific supply requirements? How do its electricity production costs compare to the prices on the energy market? As the brain of the hybrid energy system, the EMS controls all components to ensure a stable and demand-based power supply at all times with ecologically, technically and economically optimal operation.

Our key message

With ILLUMINE, we can carry out test runs under real conditions and continuously improve our algorithms. As a result, we are now in a position to offer an efficient energy management system that paves the way for a low-emission future. Are you ready to join us on this path?

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