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MAN LNG-to-power solutions

Meeting the growing demand for clean energy.

While energy demand is growing steadily around the world, so are the cost pressures and environmental targets. The path to clean and cost-effective energy generation involves innovative technologies and diversifying energy sources. LNG-to-power has become a global trend, with gas-fired power generation expected to grow by more than 26% by 2030. 

Clean-burning natural gas is a key component in our transition to a carbon-free future, but for future viability, it requires cost-effective operation and improved use of existing gas infrastructure. LNG offers an easy way to transition to low-carbon power generation. And when renewables are being integrated into a grid, the flexibility of LNG can mitigate demand fluctuations. MAN covers the whole LNG value chain, from consultancy on logistics through supply contracts, unloading, storage concepts, regasification and power generation.

Electricity production increase
estimated for the next 20 years
Gas-fired power generation
growth anticipated by 2030
CO2 emissions
lower with LNG compared to liquid fuel

Enter the world of LNG-to-power 

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