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Sustainable and cost effective solution for power generation applications

Benefit from MAN’s gas turbine with lowest lifecycle costs: The MGT6000. This enduring solution is the result of combining high fuel efficiency, high reliability, and a long mean time between overhauls. With CHP efficiencies of over 90%, the robust and long-lasting turbine is perfectly suited to power generation applications in the urban and industrial sector. Future proof designed with vast fuel flexibility and ultra-low emissions.

Our gas turbine MAN ExpertTalks 2021

Our experts had put together an MAN ExpertTalk series for our gas turbines from May to December to inform you with exciting topics.

We would like to say "Thank you" for such a successful format:

7,154 website visits
     16 live sessions (two per topic)
1,587 registrations
downloads of recordings 


Recorded MAN ExpertTalks

  • MAN_MGT-W6.1_E_Mail_Website

    Energy & Storage

    Advanced CHP Applications

    MAN ExpertTalk
    , 08:00 09:30
    (W. Europe Standard Time)

    The previous MAN ExpertTalk on CHP will be taken up and the details of the cycles presented before will be discussed more profoundly. This will include an overview over the economics of the different cycles depending on such factors as type of industry of application, operation time, spread between gas and electricity costs etc.

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  • MAN ExpertTalk_Pulp and Paper_afternoon session

    Energy & Storage

    Energy Supply for Pulp & Paper Production

    MAN ExpertTalk
    , 17:00 18:30
    (W. Europe Standard Time)

    In this MAN ExpertTalk, we will present how to find a cost-efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly solution for the Energy Supply for the Pulp & Paper Industry.

    Our agenda: 

    • Requirements of the Energy Supply for Pulp & Paper Production and how to translate them into product properties
    • Case study of a gas turbine for paper production
    • Gas turbine packages and its components 
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  • MAN ExpertTalk_Pulp and Paper_german session

    Energy & Storage

    Energieversorgung für die Papierindustrie (German session)

    MAN ExpertTalk
    , 13:30 15:00
    (W. Europe Standard Time)

    In diesem MAN ExpertTalk werden wir zeigen, wie die Energeversorgung der Papierindustrie sicher, umweltfreundlich und kostengünstig gestaltet werden kann.

    Unsere Agenda: 

    • Anforderungen der Papierindustrie an ihre Energieversorgung und Umsetzung in Produkteigenschaften
    • Fallstudie: Effiziente Energieversorgung für die Papierindustrie mit einer Gasturbine
    • Gasturbinenpackage und ihre wichtigsten Komponenten
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Maximum output
minimum CHP efficiency
k hrs
Mean time between overhauls

MGT gas turbine package

The MGT6000 single-shaft gas turbine has an electrical power output of up to 7.8 MW and is designed especially for the demands of industrial uses and utilities. The perfect match of electrical power and exhaust heat lead to highest efficiencies in electricity, hot water, steam and/or cold generation.


  • Environmentally friendly and future proof solution due to fuel flexibility (incl. hydrogen readiness) and ultra low emissions
  • Modular and flexible standard design for optimum adaptation to customer needs with fast and easy erection and commissioning.
  • High availability due to robust design with longest maintenance cycles in the market
  • Global after sales presence providing excellent care for gas turbine unit through comprehensive service partnership
MAN MGT6000 campaign

Turbine specifications - MGT6000-1S

The MGT6000 gas turbine is a heavy-duty, single-shaft turbine with an 11-stage air compressor, six multi-can combustion chambers, ACC combustors, a three-stage turbine.

Load gear

  • Planetary gear type
  • Speed reduction to 1,500 rpm (for 50Hz) or 1,800 rpms (for 60Hz)
  • Drive for main lube oil pump
  • Torque transmission of electric starter motor for gas turbine start-up


  • 4 pole, 3 phase, synchronous generator with built-in exciter, rotating rectifier and permanent magnet pilot generator (PMG)
  • Direct air cooled
  • Insulation class F / temperature rise class B

Power output:6,630 – 7,800 kW
Heat rate:11,190 – 10,840 kJ/kW
Efficiency:32.2 – 33.2 %
Exhaust gas flow:26.1 – 29.4 kg/s
Nominal power speed range:1,500 to 1,800 rpm



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