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Integrating large amounts of renewable energy 

The increasing share of renewables, especially wind and solar power, means that power grids are experiencing ever larger fluctuations. There are periods with too much or too little green electricity, stretching base load power plants and grid infrastructure to their limits.

Energy storage supports the energy transition

Generating electricity from renewables varies greatly due to the unpredictable nature of the weather. In some cases, renewable power plants end up producing more electricity than is actually needed for current demands. Energy storage systems solve this problem by storing surplus energy and making it available at a later time as needed. Electricity can then be generated from the stored energy and fed into the grid.

Energy storage systems can integrate renewables by shifting surplus energy to high-demand periods, or provide grid services like frequency control or spinning reserve. It’s also possible to use the stored energy in the form of heat and cold, or as synthetic fuel e.g. for transportation. In addition to being a key component in the expansion of renewables and ensuring a sustainable, reliable and economic power supply, they are also an important factor in so-called sector coupling.



> 100 GW utility scale energy storage systems will be integrated into power systems globally over the next ten years
~5.5 TWh of renewable electricity had to be curtailed in Germany and was lost In 2017
GW p.a.
>160 GW p.a. is the amount that the capacity of fluctuation renewables has to grow on average by 2040 to keep global warming below 2°

MAN solutions for energy storage

System operators, utilities, and IPPs as well as industrial and commercial customers will need energy storage technologies to make their energy supplies more economical, secure and sustainable. We use our broad offering in energy storage technologies to help our customers find the ideal solutions for their unique challenges.

MAN offers solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), Electro-Thermal Energy Storage (ETES) as well as Power-to-X (P2X). We also provide key equipment for a variety of other storage technologies, like Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) or Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES). We start by conducting an in-depth analysis of the economics of the different storage technologies and evaluate the specific situation, and then work with our customers to develop the right solution for their needs.

MAN Smart Grid

Electro-thermal energy storage (ETES)


The greatest challenge in creating carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly energy systems for consumers is to get as much energy as possible from renewable sources to generate electricity as well as for heating and cooling purposes. An effective solution must be versatile enough to be customized for a wide range of different conditions and applications.

MAN’s Electro-Thermal Energy Storage System (MAN ETES) converts surplus electrical energy into thermal energy, which is stored in the form of hot water and ice. This thermal energy can be reconverted either into electrical power or distributed directly from the thermal storage on demand, e.g. for process cooling, district heating purposes, or a combination of both. The system is scalable, location-independent and has a very low environmental impact. It uses only environmentally friendly process mediums and materials, and can be designed to suit various boundary conditions and applications.

How you benefit:

  • Integrated heating, cooling and electricity system
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Versatile, scalable solution
  • High availability

Battery energy storage systems (BESS)

As power providers shift to using more renewables in generating electricity, they need to respond quickly and effectively to fluctuations in supply and demand – without generating massive losses. Storing this energy increases efficiency and helps to build reserves that stabilize the grid when needed.

MAN Battery Energy Storage Systems (MAN BESS) are most suitable for applications with a fast response time and a high power demand over the short- or medium-term. They improve the reliability, availability and efficiency of the power supply. BESS is ideal for applications like peak shaving, frequency control and load balancing, as well as renewable integration though ramp rate control and energy time shift. It’s possible to combine multiple services, so-called revenue stacking, based on the specific project needs and market opportunities.

How you benefit:

  • Secure supply of energy for increased reliability
  • Ideal for use in multiple applications
  • Increased efficiency
  • Fast response to fluctuations in demand



To meet climate protection targets, it is necessary to substitute large amounts of fossil energy sources with carbon-neutral alternatives. Effectively managing and transforming renewable energy into different types of synthetic fuels is the key to reducing emissions in the transportation and mobility sector as well as shifting large amounts of renewable energy in times of need.

MAN P2X solutions convert electricity into synthetic natural gas (SNG) or synthetic liquids. Transforming large amounts of electricity into so-called synfuels opens up multiple use cases in the mobility, heat and electricity sectors. Synthetic gases or liquids can be used as green fuel in the transportation sector or the marine industry, for example. They can also be stored for future re-electrification to shift energy over long periods, therefore functioning as seasonal storage. By coupling the major energy sectors, P2X will make a significant contribution to decarbonizing the energy system and reaching climate protection goals.

How you benefit:

  • Conversion of electricity into synthetic fuels for immediate or future use
  • Promotes decarbonization of transportation and mobility sector
  • Ideal for use in multiple industries and applications
  • Long-term energy storage
  • Carbon neutrality while using existing energy infrastructure

LAES, CAES & more

Turbomachinery is the key to a variety of energy storage technologies. Thanks to our extensive portfolio and flexibility in terms of size, pressure and volume flow, MAN compressors and power turbines are ideal for use in a wide range of storage systems.

MAN provides key equipment for storage technologies like Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES), Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) or Thermal Storage Systems, to name a few.

In addition, MAN also provides magnetic bearings for highly efficient and dynamic flywheels and molten salt storage systems e.g. for concentrated solar power applications.

How you benefit:

  • Proven technology
  • High efficiency
  • Operational flexibility
  • Scalability
MAN PrimeServ

Service solutions for energy storage

MAN PrimeServ provides tailor-made aftersales packages for the whole range of energy storage solutions. We are the service brand of MAN Energy Solutions, offering services across the full product lifecycle to optimize the reliability, availability, economic efficiency and environmental sustainability of existing plants and equipment.

To MAN PrimeServ

Our products for energy storage


Energy storage solutions to solve customer challenges

  • Single source for energy storage solutions
  • Environmentally sound solutions towards a carbon-neutral future
  • Less energy waste, greater energy production
  • Compliance with all regulations
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