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With fluctuating fuel prices and ever tightening emissions regulations, the outlook for our industry is uncertain. However, no matter what the future holds tomorrow, we are ready with the dual-fuel engine solution you need today.

MAN Energy Solutions is the world’s most trusted provider of dual-fuel marine engines. If you are looking to future-proof your investments and operate a more competitive fleet, we offer a complete portfolio of two-stroke dual-fuel solutions that enable you to switch between gas (LNG, LPG and ethane), methanol and fuel oils with no loss of performance or efficiency. 

The new MAN B&W ME-GI Mk. 2 engine

Based on proven engine technology, the MAN B&W ME-GI two-stroke engine has been relied upon by shipowners worldwide to deliver an efficient, flexible dual-fuel propulsion solution that can operate on fuel oils, LNG and ethane.

MAN Energy Solutions is now introducing the MAN B&W ME-GI Mk. 2. The new engine builds upon many of the features that made ME-GI one of the most trusted names in dual-fuel engine design.

The MAN B&W ME-GI Mk. 2 is based on the diesel principle. It is essentially an ME-C engine with an additional, electronically controlled gas injection system. However, with an updated design and new features such as a CCO cylinder cut out, the Mk. 2 improves availability, reliability and minimizes operational costs, while providing a large degree of flexibility for meeting emissions regulations.

Furthermore, upgrading an ME-C engine to an ME-GI dual-fuel solution is a simple process, and an excellent way to extend the lifetime of your investment. 

Next generation performance and efficiency

Key features

  • Proven two-stroke MAN B&W engine technology
  • Low OPEX with highest thermal efficiency on the market
  • Minimal environmental impact (low GHG, negligible methane slip, reduced CO2)
  • Flexible operation using fuel oil, LNG or ethane
  • Knocking is not an issue 
  • Any fuel-oil/gas ratio and gas quality can be burned
  • Supports WHR 
  • Retrofit options for ME-C engines available


The ME-GI is built for low OPEX, delivering the same industry-leading thermal efficiency no matter which fuel you are using. This is a huge advantage in a market where fuel prices are fluctuating and LNG bunkering will become the norm. The CAPEX is also lowered, as auxiliary equipment costs have been reduced and the engine’s installation is simplified. Furthermore, key components have been updated to improve performance and deliver a more environmentally friendly solution.

Component upgrades

The MAN B&W ME-GI Mk. 2 incorporates a range of key component upgrades that improve reliability, maximize efficiency and lower OPEX, helping you to stay competitive in a challenging market.

  • A simplified piping system provides a more compact solution with fewer components, and therefore lower maintenance costs
  • A new gas block with an improved window valve enables cut-out of an individual cylinder operating on gas, while allowing continued operation on fuel oil
  • An updated pilot oil injection system enables the pilot oil consumption to be lowered to just 0.5% for G70ME-C-GI engines
  • A compact pump vaporizer unit features embedded redundancy (3 x 50%) and integration with the ME-GI engine control system

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The new MAN B&W ME-GI Mk. 2 two-stroke dual-fuel engine is built to support your power needs today and for the future. Contact us now to explore your options.
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Pilot oil consumption has been reduced down to 0.5% for G70ME-C-GI engines
Highest flexibility in dual-fuel operational range (5%-110% load)

Introducing the low-pressure MAN B&W ME-GA two-stroke engine

MAN Energy Solutions is developing a new low-pressure two-stroke dual-fuel engine to supplement the ME-GI platform and to fill the gap in our extensive portfolio of fuel-efficient, high performance engines.

The new MAN B&W ME-GA will offer a low CAPEX solution that is well suited to certain vessel types and applications, for example LNG carriers which are able to use ‘boil-off’ gas as a source of fuel. With minimal NOX emissions and full Tier III compliance in gas mode, the MAN B&W ME-GA is also ideal to ensure that your vessel meets upcoming emissions regulations.

Low Capex

  • Cost-optimized boil-off gas handling
  • Engine design facilitates simple application
  • Low maintenance costs of the fuel gas supply system 

Additional benefits 

  • Competitive gas and pilot oil consumption
  • Low NOX emissions
  • Tier III compliance in gas mode 

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The new MAN B&W ME-GA low-pressure two-stroke dual-fuel engine is built to support your power needs today and for the future. Contact us now to explore your options.
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Service solutions for optimum cost efficiency

MAN PrimeServ offers advanced modernization solutions to optimize the reliability, availability, and economic efficiency of existing equipment. Furthermore, MAN’s modernization and retrofit solutions are tailor-made to customers’ specific applications and machinery.

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