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The world is changing. And so are we.

These are challenging times to navigate. Increasingly individualized demands call for flexible solutions. Future-proofing becomes a growing everyday task. And this while a globalized environment changes faster every day. But we love the challenge. And together with our customers we strive for new shores in a digital age. We believe that our technology will help our customers to stay competitive, fast and safe while reaching their destinations and meeting additional challenges related to cost pressure, increased competition and also tightening regulations.


We believe in the potential of Digital in maritime shipping and are happy to be innovators and reliable enablers of digitalization

Casper Schrøder, Head of Components and Solutions, MAN Energy Solutions Copenhagen

Sea ahead. Join our digital journey

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new devices connect to the Internet every second around the globe, according to McKinsey estimates.
connected devices will be in use by 2025.

Our digital solutions – present and future – are modular and can be customized to every specific need. From enhancing cybersecurity to optimizing operation, from significantly reducing fuel consumption to ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our yearlong industry experience combined with the latest digital technology makes us the perfect partner for our clients’ transformation.

The industry is digitalizing. Don’t miss the boat. We help you to see ahead and stay ahead of the game and leverage the potential of Digital for your business. For more predictability and peace of mind.To the questions raised by a globalized world, MAN Energy Solutions already has various digital answers in place, while others are still in the works. All with the goal to raise efficiency, availability, security, safety and also have a positive impact on the environment.

Your needs


We believe in the power of clean. Our solutions help to give your equipment a cleaner and more sustainable profile. We achieve this through savings on fuel oil consumption or reducing the methane slip for example.

In this way we help you meet all current and future regulations while reducing their overall environmental impact. Constantly working towards a towards a carbon-free future.

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Asset availability and its predictability are key to a successful business. Thanks to operational intelligence you can maximize the uptime of your asset and always have a good overview of all relevant data monitoring the systems.

In addition, our solutions help you avoid making your equipment obsolete over time offering the possibility to constantly renew them.

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Higher fuel costs and increased exhaust emissions regulations are major challenges of today’s industries. Our portfolio offers a range of technologies and solutions that will help optimize asset performance in terms of emissions, economy and operation.

We help you meet your efficiency targets by optimizing OPEX and fuel consumption. For new assets as well as for existing equipment via our retrofit solutions.

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Reliably minimizing risks and guaranteeing safety in an increasingly complex industry is challenging. Thanks to sophisticated monitoring of asset data, we help you avoid unplanned downtime and maximize both reliability and predictability of your equipment.

Our data-driven insights maximize safety while providing smart processes, smooth operation and predictive maintenance services.

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Cybersecurity is our highest priority. Our digital eco-system is designed to protect your company’s sensitive information as well as all asset related data. We help you shield your network against cyberattacks to keep your staff and equipment safe while also lowering the risk of service disruptions. All thanks to our state-of-the-art software and hardware.

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  • PrimeServ Assist Marine

    Operational intelligence is everything

    It’s competitive out there. Your profitability and customer satisfaction are always on the line. To stay ahead of the game, you and your equipment need to execute flawlessly.

    Using the latest digital technologies, we’ll help you maximize your equipment availability, safety and performance.

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  • MAN Asset+: Products and services to cater to your marine business

    Making digitalization work

    MAN Asset+ is a range of engineering and software solutions that gives you the opportunity to improve the functionality of your vessels’ engines and systems. In other words, it makes your equipment better at performing specific tasks. MAN Asset+ solutions raise ship performance, keep your equipment up to date, and help you comply with environmental regulations, advancing your operations on the road to energy transition and decarbonization.

    Discover new levels of performance and reliability with our portfolio of digital solutions and engineering for your assets. Modular and available on demand. Choose only those you need.

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  • Digitalization

    Welcome to PrimeServ Assist Marine

    Whether you operate a vessel, fleet, or plant, the success of your business rests upon the hardware that supports it. To stay competitive, now and in the future, it is crucial that your MAN equipment and systems perform flawlessly, with no unexpected downtime or maintenance costs, so you can focus on your core business.

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  • Multifunction Monitoring System

    Older engines and gensets can also learn new tricks

    Our Multifunctional Monitoring System gives you real-time insight in the parameters that matter most - so you can find and fix little problems before they become big ones, mitigate critical risks, and maximize the uptime and lifetime of your engine.

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    Empowering data with MAN CEON

    MAN CEON is a cloud-based platform delivers the data analytics you need to take your fleet confidently into the future. MAN CEON has customizable dashboards to display the data you can utilize to monitor the operation of your machinery

    Using the latest digital technologies, we’ll help you maximize your equipment availability, safety and performance.

    Learn more about MAN CEON 

Explore your digital options

MAN Energy Solutions’ digital portfolio supports you to see ahead and stay ahead of the game. Reach out to our experts and leverage the potential of Digital for your business.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Successful, Remote Type Approval Test for MAN L23/30H Mk3 Engine

Separate project plans to refine test structure for similar, future events

MAN Energy Solutions recently conducted a successful Type Approval Test (TAT) for new engine, L23/30H Mk3.

Owing to current Covid-19 restrictions, the TAT was executed on-site in Korea in early March 2021 by STX and MAN Energy Solutions staff, with the classification team joining proceedings remotely. The event was filmed and broadcast globally with viewers watching from Europe, North America and Asia.

Finn Fjeldhøj, Head of Small-Bore, Four-Stroke Engineering, MAN Energy Solutions, said: “TATs are an important step in the entry of every engine to the market. The fact that we could surmount the difficulties posed by the global pandemic with a remote solution to successfully get the engine approved is very pleasing. The experience gathered from this event will prove invaluable in the future.”

MAN Energy Solutions’ Christian Rasmussen, Head of Classification Department, said: “Planning for the event began already in the summer of 2020 as a second wave of the virus hit and travel restrictions began to affect logistics. In response, we initiated a series of meetings with six major classification societies to investigate the possibilities for a remote type-test. Stemming from these, we developed a framework to successfully execute the TAT.”

MAN Energy Solutions has also initiated a project with classification society, ABS, to further refine the structure of remote tests. This particular project is expected to conclude during 2021, after which the company expects to have defined an optimal flow for remote TATs.

First order

MAN Energy Solutions announced the first order for the new engine, even before the TAT, in February 2021 when STX Engine signed a contract with Daehan shipbuilding for 3 × MAN 6L23/30H Mk3 GenSets for 1+1 vessels. These engines will achieve Tier III emission levels with the aid of SCR, and are provisionally scheduled for delivery in August 2021.

The MAN 23/30H engine

The first 23/30H engine came on the market in 1965 and has a long history of operational stability. The engine is popular with shipowners for a number of reasons, not least for its broad market penetration that has ensured global recognition on account of its reliability and ‘forgiving’ service demands. Globally, well over 12,000 units have been produced over its lifetime.

Applications for the engine include tankers, bulk carriers and product tankers as auxiliary engines, with some sales as prime movers for fishing trawlers and power plants. The engine is mostly diesel-driven, with LNG and bio-oil also used in special environmental areas.

The new Mk3 variant is a cost-effective GenSet that complies with 2020 SOx-regulations and has a power range of 500 - 1800 kW. Compared with its Mk2 predecessor, among other characteristics, it features:

  • an increased power-output per cylinder
  • a reduced fuel-oil consumption
  • the longest TBO in its class
  • an improved conrod design
  • a two-part piston design for fast maintenance.


  • 20210330_MAN_ES_PR Remote TAT_EN
    PDF, 281 KB English
  • 20210330_MAN_ES_PR Remote TAT_DE
    PDF, 613 KB English



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