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Isothermal compressors from MAN Energy Solutions

With over 1,400 units installed, this is a unique product for air, oxygen, or nitrogen. The single-shaft compressor with integrated cooling is known for its reliability and durability and compact size.
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Versatility included

If your industrial process requires the compression of large quantities of air, oxygen or nitrogen, an isothermal compressor could be the right choice.

The most powerful compressor for air separation applications in its class

Long tried-and-tested in the field, the design has proven operational excellence in air separation and oxygen compression.

Its principal design allows the isothermal compressor to work with air, nitrogen or oxygen. The reduced driving power saves energy. Several frame sizes are available for a wide range of flows, mainly used in air separation or oxygen plants. Overall, this is a simple compact machinery design, with a few interfaces for easy integration into a process plant.

Take our RIKT model: It is very efficient at compressing non-toxic or non-explosive fluids and usually operates as the main air compressor in air separation units. However, it could potentially be used in compressed air energy storage facilities or any other process requiring large quantities of air.

The isothermal compressor design can be combined with other compressor lines and drive types in many train variants. We provide full train expertise including the plant integration engineering.

How you benefit:

  • Maximum reliability and low energy consumption
  • Compact design and low space requirements
  • Sophisticated aerodynamics and low noise emissions
  • Coolers integrated in compressor casing
  • Service- and installation-friendly design

Work with an expert partner

From basic engineering to complete service models: MAN Energy solutions has what you need.


From the very beginning of your project, we are an expert advisor, working with you to economically optimize your operations with engineering options as well as service models which reflect your needs.

Thanks to our flexible design basis, we can offer various design variants of isothermal compressors, tailor-made for your business.


isothermal compressors built by MAN Energy Solutions in operation worldwide
days to install and commission one RIKT unit on-site
machine to compress and cool the gas

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