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Capture the multidimensional benefits of a holistic approach to sustainability investments

As the world course-directs toward more sustainable practices, organizations seek to minimize emissions and maximize the efficiency and flexibility of turbomachinery and processes. With a multitude of sustainability enhancing options out there, a clear picture of their business value – and the best way to combine them – is key to thriving as you go green.



Every resource-friendly upgrade you opt for is a building block – not only in your sustainability strategy. A well-chosen upgrade solution contributes to a multitude of business objectives – performance, availability, operational security, and the bottom line. It can even drive the evolution of your business model. All while propelling you forward on your trajectory toward greener and cleaner operations.

It pays off to consider the multidimensional benefits of upgrade solutions. To unlock their synergetic benefits, however, the upgrades you choose need to complement and build on each other. Your best resource for assessing upgrade benefits are the OEM experts most familiar with your machinery. They help you assess scalability, ROI, and advantages to your operation. Offer context – the deeper their understanding of your specific needs, the more on-target and actionable their advice will be.

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Find out how to identify upgrades with the highest potential to boost value creation in your application while reducing energy consumption and emission levels.

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Thursday, September 3, 2020 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM CST (Shanghai)

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Why join this webinar?

This 45-minute webinar gives you an overview of available sustainability upgrade solutions, spotlighting their benefits not only to sustainability and compliance goals but your business as a whole.

  • Gain insight into upgrade solutions to implement as good compliance and sustainability practices
  • Get a compact overview of services and upgrade solutions to help you meet regulatory requirements and make operations resource-friendly
  • Find facts to support decision-making, buying decisions, and sustainability and compliance planning
  • Position yourself as the go-to person and take the lead on sustainability management issues

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