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MAN PrimeServ Academy in Zurich, Switzerland

The facilities of MAN Energy Solution in Switzerland are located in the heart of Zurich close to the river “Limmat”, hotels and tourist attractions. The product training center with its classrooms and workshop area is embedded in these facilities and can be reached easily via Zurich airport. Customers can expect high quality training from experienced instructors or technical experts including practical and theoretical lectures. For practical sessions different compressor types, special assembly tools, and further training models are available. In addition simulators, instrumentation & control equipment can be used in various lectures.
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Training capabilities



  • Radial compressors (barrel design)
  • Radial compressors (horizontally split) 
  • HOFIM®
  • Vacuum blower (Turbair) 
  • Isotherm compressors
  • Axial compressors
  • Expander


  • MOPICO compressor
  • HOFIM compressor
  • Barrel compressor
  • Isotherm compressor
  • Axial compressors
  • Instrumentation & control training models


  • English
  • German

Special services

  • Hotel booking
  • Airport transfer
  • Coordination of sub-supplier training


Upon request, hotel reservations can be organized. Please ask for assistance if needed.


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