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A new direction for the future


On 1 January 2020, the global shipping industry became a little greener than before, when the International Maritime Organization (IMO) introduced the Global Sulphur Cap regulation. From now on, every vessel worldwide must adhere to strict sulphur emissions or face significant consequences, including fines and delays to shipping schedules.

Were you ready?


More than 60,000 vessels worldwide needed to make the necessary changes in order to comply with the new regulation from IMO. With limitations in production lines, logistics and workforce, chances are that not everyone made it in time.

To stay compliant, your fleet needs to be made ready for whichever solution you have chosen to reduce sulphur emissions. But to stay competitive, you also need your engines to perform efficiently to meet future demands. Therefore, you need to engage with an engine partner with the right expertise and engine solutions in place to guide you successfully through this transition. 

Check out our solution on how to prepare for the change from engine operation on high-sulphur fuel to 0.50% S fuel. This includes retrofitting your fuel system with a  2020 Filter Solution upgrade to protect your vessel from increased levels of cat fines in HFO and low sulphur fuels.


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Your partner for 2020 and beyond

With MAN PrimeServ, you have an engine partner ready to guide you through the transition to 2020 and beyond. 

We have the expertise to help you understand the risk and challenges that Global Sulphur Cap regulation presents, and to make sure you make the right choices to secure your future. 

Our technology portfolio is fully developed and ready to support the decisions you make, with scrubber solutions, or by adapting your engines to run on gas or new very-low-sulphur compliant fuels. 

We also have a complete range of options to help make your engines more fuel efficient, so you stay competitive in an changing market. 

With 100 Service Centers worldwide, we are ready to help you. So contact us now to make sure your fleet - and business - stays safe.


The new limit of Sulphur permitted in ships fuel oil
annual emission reduction in metric tonnes of SOx per year (Source: IMO)
We are ready to help you comply with 100 Service Centers worldwide

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To learn more about Global Sulphur Cap 2020 and how MAN PrimeServ can keep you compliant and competitive ahead of the deadline, read our brochure now.

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Low sulphur means high cat fines

If you are running your vessel on HFO in some form, the cat fines in your fuel can damage your engine. A 2020 Filter Solution upgrade is the best way to protect yourself from downtime and repairs.

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