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There are millions of dollars at stake. Every day of downtime is a huge bill, every hour of operation counts. Using the latest digital tools and remote service technologies with live data analysis, we’ll maximize your equipment’s uptime, efficient performance and safe operation.

The uptime solution

The earlier you know about a potential problem, the earlier you can take steps to prevent it altogether. That’s the heart of how PrimeServ Assist works: Continuous, comprehensive and near real-time machine monitoring and data analysis with instant issue notifications that allow you to take the steps necessary to make sure your operation is always running at peak performance, with minimal downtime and maximum safety.

24/7 nonstop service
365 days a year
100 percent commitment

Real-time monitoring with instant data analysis

The live data collected from your machines reaches our Remote Operation Centers via high-speed data transfer. 

Now our proprietary algorithms go to work. They scour your data for anything that’s out of the ordinary. The second they find something, they notify a human.

Algorithms that don’t miss a thing

Our Remote Operation Centers are staffed with turbomachinery experts 24/7. When they see something in your data that’s not right, they’ll notify your on-site engineers – and assist them with the resolution right away.

Your benefits: speed, expertise, and security

  • Ad-hoc notifications for maximum safety and availability
  • Pro-active maintenance advice
  • Pro-active performance advice
  • 24/7 technical support

Protect your bottom line. In real time

The goal: your machines running with a maximum of uptime, as efficiently and safely as absolutely possible. 

Using PrimeServ Assist’s machine learning algorithms, we monitor what’s going on and predict where that is going. It’s how you can improve efficiency and productivity – parameter by parameter.

  • 24/7 live technical support from our turbomachinery experts
  • End-to-end SSL/TSL data transmission

Reduce you OPEX costs

Prevent unexpected downtime and production losses.

  • Output and efficiency gains
  • Improved reliability
  • Increased uptime
  • Extended machine life
  • Longer time between overhauls
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Longer equipment and component life

Our platform for machine data visualization, analysis and communication between you and MAN - available on any device.

PS CEON_icons
PS CEON_Assist
  1. Machinery temperature is collected.
  2. Abnormal temperature spikes are detected.
  3. Experts in the PrimeServ Assist Remote Operation Center are alerted and evaluate the situation. They contact your ship through the MAN CEON platform.
  4. Now a specific maintenance or adjustment job can be started.
Marine_PS in action

The uptime advantage: anytime-everywhere insight

When you can improve your health, safety and environmental record while upping product quality and delivery performance, your business wins.      

You can conveniently access the real-time turbomachinery data monitoring and analytics functionality of PrimeServ Assist via easy-to-use user interfaces on your PC or via our mobile app.

Both deliver the essential insights you need in easy-to-read dashboard views, current and historic charts, status indicators, and timely notifications for all aspects of the operational health of your equipment.


Get connected now

Up your uptime and overall plant performance with PrimeServ Assist. Your MAN representative will help you determine which packages best serves your needs, and which add-ons make sense for you. 

If you are interested in MAN PrimeServ Assist contact us now.


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You’ve got options 

Get PrimeServ Assist in the specific configuration that’s right for you.


(“Basic” functionalities included)

  • Real-time monitoring and advice based on algorithms and trends
  • 24/7 TechLine
  • Dedicated machine expert
  • Maintenance management, consulting, trouble shooting and spare parts management 
On top: with Longterm Service Agreements (LTSA) based on the “Premium” version, an availability increase can be guaranteed.


  • Data visualization in MAN CEON app
  • Hard- and software updates on a regular basis
  • Monthly analysis of data and recommendations
  • EyeTech (head mounted live conference device and service

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