• The lube oil is the blood in the engine

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Let’s go into a new dimension of operation & maintenance

It all starts with a tiny anomaly. Something is off by just a little bit in a machine – not noticeable, even to an experienced operator. But it’s not going to go away on its own. Sooner or later, it will have consequences: performance degradation, safety hazards or even failure and downtime.

What if you could receive an alarm or a recommendation to stop your engine in real time? And then do something about it in time? To prevent serious damages?

How do you usually detect a bearing seizure? A cylinder scuffing? A slight wear of components? A water presence? A fuel pollution? A soot pollution?

How do you detect tiny anomalies between planned maintenances?

Now you can. Now there’s MAN Fluid Monitor for lube oil.


MAN Fluid Monitor for lube oil immediately detects any anomaly, even the tiniest one, occurring in the lube oil systems of your engines, turbomachinery or auxiliaries. We protect your equipment by monitoring, on an ongoing basis, the degradation and the pollution of its lube oil in the way of improving its  availability, safety and performance.

of damages occur while the engine restart
of major damages reveal a lube oil pollution
hours of testing on pilot sites

MAN Fluid Monitor for lube oil – the onsite solution for constant monitoring and protection


Welcome to the new proactive solution from MAN Energy Solutions. MAN Fluid Monitor empowers you to maximize the efficiency, safety, and availability of your machinery. MAN Fluid Monitor for lube oil constantly monitors the lube oil. Using truly autonomous intelligence, it analyzes the lube oil, detects anomalies and alerts you of any deviations. It provides you a global view of all the operational lube oil parameters. Thanks to its innovative technology and state-of-the-art components, the autonomous and intelligent system is equipped with specially developed software programming, which establishes a lube oil degradation index and diagnostics, or in detail, pollution, contamination, and lube oil degradation. The system handles alarms that immediately inform you of any deviation. This allows the operator to take the operational actions necessary to avoid major damage:

  • Alarm: need for diagnostic or maintenance
  • Recommendation of stop: ongoing major damage
  • Based on these notifications you anticipate the maintenance to ensure that your operation can run safely at maximum efficiency and without interruption.


Integration of MAN Fluid Monitor for lube oil


This compact system consists of two small cabinets (L300, l300, p200) to enable optimal integration, even in the smallest operational environments.

The system is promptly integrated. The installation requires little equipment, only two hydraulic connections, a 24V power supply, and a communications cable. Depending on the on-site configuration, the system can be installed with no requirement to shut down the engine or equipment.

Plug & Play, the automatic calibration means the system can be started within a few hours.

Reading the indicators is easy. The touchscreen provides intuitive navigation between the display screens.



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Sounds interesting? Download below the complete brochure of MAN Fluid Monitor for lube oil.

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