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Hydrogen – element of decarbonization

Green hydrogen – making net zero happen

Hydrogen (H2) opens up new ways of decarbonizing shipping, power generation and the process industries. Scroll down to see how MAN Energy Solutions is driving the development of green hydrogen technologies: producing, transporting, storing and converting green hydrogen into other net-zero fuels so that you can make the most out of this precious element.

Turning renewable energy into green hydrogen

Green hydrogen and its derivate fuels enable the energy transition by making renewable energy usable outside the electricity grids.

So how do we turn the energy of the sun, water or wind into hydrogen? Electrolysis uses renewable electricity to split water into oxygen and hydrogen. MAN Energy Solutions and its subsidiary H-TEC SYSTEMS are experts in manufacturing proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers for this purpose.

The resulting green hydrogen can be stored, used directly as a fuel, blended with natural gas, or converted into other fuels: synthetic natural gas (SNG), green ammonia, or green methanol. MAN DWE® designs and manufactures reactors for these hydrogen-to-X processes.

PEM is the leading electrolysis process for the sustainable production of green hydrogen.

More about PEM electrolysis

Unleashing carbon-free versatility

Green hydrogen has the potential to decarbonize all sectors where direct battery electrification is not technically feasible – especially in shipping, power and heat and industrial processes. Hydrogen is an attractive energy carrier as it does not emit greenhouse gases when produced with renewable energy.

Hydrogen transport and storage

Gaseous H2 can be transported by pipeline, road, rail, or ship. To move and store large volumes of H2, it must be compressed or liquefied. We have designed a portfolio of leading edge compressors that are tailored for hydrogen pipeline compression and liquefaction plants.

Producing climate-neutral fuels with green hydrogen

Converting renewable electricity into storable fuels spreads the benefit of carbon-neutral energy across sectors. As part of the power-to-X process, green energy is turned into green hydrogen via electrolysis, which is in turn converted into carbon-neutral synthetic fuels. These can then be used in other sectors or be stored until needed.

MAN DWE® provides methanation reactors for the production of synthetic natural gas from green hydrogen as well as methanol synthesis units for green methanol production.

MAN Energy Solutions commissioned its first methanation reactor for a power-to-gas plant in Northern Germany back in 2013, and the company recently supplied the methanol synthesis unit for a methanol-to-gasoline plant in Southern Chile.