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Strategy mission statement – quality, occupational safety, environment protection

As a company and as part of society, MAN Energy Solutions faces global challenges that have a significant impact on our future viability. Our main objective is the commitment to a sustainable management policy with a strong focus on safe workplaces, healthy employees and resource- and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes, as well as safe products.

Our management policy

Our management policy substantiates the strategic orientation of MAN Energy Solutions. In particular, we are convinced that quality, safety and health at work, environmental protection and corporate responsibility are the essential pillars of our company's ability to develop and must therefore be an integral part of our business processes.

Management policy

Code of Conduct 

Our guidelines for responsible ethical behavior of our employees and suppliers are formulated in the respective Code of Conduct. It provides binding internal guidelines on how we meet our social responsibility.

Code of Conduct


MAN Energy Solutions operates an integrated management system that unites quality, health and safety at work as well as environmental protection and product safety in order to achieve goals sustainably and based on partnership and sustainability.

It particularly includes the requirements of the standards:

  • ISO 9001 (quality management system),
  • ISO 45001 (management system of occupational health and safety) and
  • ISO 14001 (environmental management system).


The implementation of and compliance with legal and other binding requirements is a self-evident minimum standard and is achieved within the framework of relevant processes across the entire value chain.

We proactively involve our employees proactively in decision-making processes. This means that everyone in our company contributes to improving quality, health and safety at work, environmental protection and product safety.


Quality determines our everyday life, our approach and our behavior. Our mature and certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001, is based on: 

  • enthusiastic customers,
  • mutual partnership with suppliers and qualified staff,
  • advanced technologies and,
  • effective processes. 

Through our commitment to continuous improvement, we continuously assess our opportunities and risks as well as our performance and thus improve our system.

We measure the success of our work by the achievement of the set quality targets.

Guiding principle Quality

Health and safety at Work

We follow the principle of «Safety First»

We do our best to ensure safety and health of our employees with comprehensive measures in order to avoid occupational accidents and by raising awareness for potential hazards. We support our employees and managers in achieving the defined goals through risk and stress reduction programs.

These include, among other things, comprehensive occupational health services for each employee and a broad range of occupational health promotion programs.

Guiding Principle Health & Safety


Environmental protection

"goTOzero" - The protection of the environment, particularly with regard to an economic approach with minimum negative impact and net carbon neutrality, is of utmost importance to MAN Energy Solutions and is part of its corporate responsibility. We strive for all our products to minimize environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle - from raw material extraction to the end of life. Compliance with environmental regulations, standards and voluntary commitments is a key requirement of our actions.

Our innovative solutions will help to meet the requirements of the Paris Climate Treaty, i.e. to limit global warming to less than 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels and to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

Guiding Principle Environment

Decarbonization glossary


Product safety

All products of MAN Energy Solutions are continuously monitored for safety aspects. Thus, we ensure that our products do not pose any unacceptable risks or hazards to people or the environment. This is based on legal and relevant normative requirements, which we apply as a minimum standard in development and production. By integrating product safety into our management, development and support processes, we can ensure that we fulfill our responsibility for the safe use of our products throughout their entire life cycle.

Guiding Principle Product Safety