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Upcoming MAN ExpertTalks

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    Factory LNG

    MAN ExpertTalk
    , 15:00 16:00
    (W. Europe Standard Time)

    In this MAN ExpertTalk we will present MAN Energy Solutions' new product development Factory LNG.

    Our agenda is: 

    • Factory LNG
    • Liquefaction Container
    • MAN Cryo
    • Operator Benefits
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    Carbon Capture & Utilization

    MAN ExpertTalk
    , 10:00 11:30
    (W. Europe Standard Time)

    In this MAN ExpertTalk, we will present the MAN Energy CO2 Compression Solutions.

    Our agenda is: CO2 Sources, Properties, Market- CO2 Compression Concept-Product Development-References-Hydrogen & CO2

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