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MAN Energy Solutions: We are moving big thing to zero

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Upcoming MAN ExpertTalks

  • Energy & Storage

    MAN Heat pumps for industrial processes (MEA)

    MAN ExpertTalk
    , 09:00 10:00
    (W. Europe Standard Time)
    Register now and don’t miss our online webinar on heat pump solutions for industrial processes. We are holding the online webinar on Thursday, July 18 at 09:00 – 10:00 CET.
    We will be examining the decarbonization of industrial heat and cold production and power-to-heat solutions for the process industry. We will look at heat and steam production and give you an overview of our vapor compression cycle heat pump technologies with insights into the latest use cases. Your hosts will be Ali Mushtaq and Thomas Staude.

    Register now.

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