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  • pioneering-retrofit

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    Pioneering retrofit to reduce emissions

    First European diesel-powered dredger converted to dual-fuel operation which makes it more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

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  • ru-retrofit_and_upgrade-720x405

    Retrofit & upgrade

    Stay compliant and ahead of the curve with innovative upgrade and retrofit solutions for two-stoke and four-stroke engines, turbochargers, propeller and aft ship systems.

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  • indonesian-power-plants

    MAN PrimeServ

    Retrofit and upgrade power generation

    Our breakthrough retrofit solutions help increase flexibility, efficiency, and reliability of power and grid operations as they adapt to evolving markets and regulations.

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    MAN PrimeServ

    SCR retrofit for TIER III readyness

    The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) retrofit is integrated into the engine system for clean and efficient propulsion. It improves your ROI and is easy to maintain.

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  • Coversion-to-dual-fuel-opersation-for-the-Sajir_720x405

    Two-stroke engines

    Take advantage of optimal fuel prices and maximize the investment value of your vessel with a dual-fuel retrofit conversion from MAN PrimeServ

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