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From retrofit products over engineering services to dual-fuel engine upgrades, we specialize in maximizing the value – and service life – of our assets.
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Keep your engines, systems, and equipment compliant and competitive 

Upgrade solutions and advanced customized retrofits by MAN PrimeServ open a world of options. They help you optimize reliability, efficiency, and performance; they lower maintenance costs an add operational flexibility. More importantly, they enable you to comply with increasing environmental regulations.

OEM-quality retrofits and upgrades take your application to the next level

Tap into the expertise of MAN PrimeServ to enhance the lifecycle of engines and equipment by MAN Energy Solutions and a range of legacy brands. Our portfolio of upgrade solutions brings world-class innovation to your lifecycle management. We enhance capabilities in five key areas:

  • Availability
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Monitoring and controlling


MAN PrimeServ service centers across the world supply spare parts, services, and training to customers worldwide
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Explore our retrofit and upgrade solutions

Meet the first European dredge converted to dual fuel use

In 2019, MAN Energy Solutions France successfully re-engineered the dredge, Samuel de Champlain. Owned by GIE Dragages-Ports de Rouen, this dredge is operated by the port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire. As part of its conversion, we replaced its diesel-electric MGO combustion propulsion system with three MAN 6L35/44DF engines, which run on LNG, and installed an LNG storage system aboard. The Samuel de Champlain is the first European dredge to undergo a dual-fuel conversion.

 Customer Damen
 Application Dredge
 Location Dunkerque, France
 Engine 3 x 6L35/44 Dual Fuel 
 Fuel Dual fuel (GNL & LNG MGO)
 MAN’s work scope Remotorization


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At MAN PrimeServ, we help you ensure the reliable performance and availability of your marine engines and systems. Our experienced engineers and field technicians consult on – and supply – the latest in retrofit solutions and upgrades to help you meet specific business targets.

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