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Retrofits for four-stroke marine engines and GenSets

At MAN PrimeServ, we push the evolution of cutting-edge retrofit and upgrade solutions. Our portfolio of state-of-the-art options helps you leverage your marine systems to stay competitive in a transitioning market.
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Enhance the overall profitability of your MAN four-stroke application

The solutions portfolio of MAN PrimeServ addresses all aspects of your application. They help you save fuel oil, optimize lubrication oil management, and extend the service life of your assets. Our digital solutions enhance your operation, enabling remote monitoring and automated controlling. Innovative upgrade products help you improve your emission profile and achieve robust compliance with stricter standards, regulations, and legislative changes.

Natural gas — the fuel of the future

Dual-fuel upgrades for four-stroke applications enable more sustainable and efficient propulsion and power generation at sea. Dual-fuel conversion packages from MAN PrimeServ range from the straightforward conversion of the main engine to turnkey solutions that include the gas systems. Our personnel bring experience and expert knowledge to all steps, from research to site survey, from engineering to project management, from installing engine hardware to commissioning.

How you benefit

  • Switch between gas and liquid for full flexibility
  • Possible back up from gas to fuel oil
  • Reduce SOx to near zero, NOx by 80%, and CO2 by 20%
  • Cut fuel and operational costs
  • Fast ROI plus extended service life of components
  • Comply with environmental regulations, ensuring access to local ports and harbors

Monitoring and controlling - decision-making made easy

Automated and intelligent control systems are a crucial tool for optimizing performance. They offer proactive advice on how to improve availability, safety, and efficiency. 

Engine automation control retrofits replace old engine controls with MAN SaCoS retrone or MAN SaCoSone, enhancing availability, maintainability, and performance.

An MAN Electronic speed governor retrofit is easy to integrate with electronic engine governors. Improving availability, start behavior, and load acceptance, the digital control system reduces soot emissions on start-up and supports load sharing in multiple-engine applications. 

Ergonomic and intuitive, a Multifunction Monitoring system replaces most existing monitoring systems with a single control cabinet. It monitors safety features and the main engine parameters, from the exhaust gas to bearing, from oil crankpin to casing pressure.

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Smoother and more efficient operation with constant lube oil monitoring

With the MAN Fluid Monitor, you track changes in your engine’s lube oil. Consistently monitoring the quality, this autonomous and intelligent solution detects degradation and pollution early-on and alerts the operator from tiniest to critical changes. By giving you a near real-time 360° view of the main operating lube oil parameters, the MAN Fluid Monitor mitigates the risk of lubrication-related engine failures and systems breakdowns.

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Expert advice when and where you need it

At MAN PrimeServ, we help you ensure the reliable performance and availability of your marine engines and systems. Our experienced engineers and field technicians consult on – and supply – the latest in retrofit solutions and upgrades to help you meet specific business targets.

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