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It’s competitive out there. Your profitability and customer satisfaction are always on the line. To stay ahead of the game, you and your equipment need to execute flawlessly.

Combining the latest digital technologies with MAN expertise, we’ll help you maximize your equipment availability, safety and efficiency. We call this service PrimeServ Assist.


Insights to make the right choices

When it comes to making thoughtful, proficient decisions on how to increase efficiency, PrimeServ Assist offers the crucial insights required, thus making it easy for operators to define deviation levels and specific reference points in the fleet or plant. Thanks to its evaluation of equipment efficiency and optimization potentials, PrimeServ Assist is the ideal remedy to efficiency issues, making tons in fuel savings reality. This is more than just an online service: PrimeServ Assist generates immediate results that directly enhance profitability.

Taking fleet and plant management to the next level

With all relevant data consolidated on one interface, PrimeServ Assist makes sure operators are always on top of efficiency data. The result: accelerated decision-making as well as improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness. For an even better fleet or plant oversight, PrimeServ Assist provides precise and far-reaching efficiency insights about how the individual units perform. All digital and absolutely accurate, PrimeServ Assist offers the ideal groundwork for informed decisions and the right adjustments.

Smarter operation, proactive maintenance

PrimeServ Assist helps rectify efficiency issues by simplifying and standardizing optimization processes, allowing operators to guarantee optimum-level efficiency across the entire fleet or plant. Predicting maintenance tasks, PrimeServ Assist is not only a watchful eye, it is also a 24/7 security supervisor. Drawing from this comprehensive knowledge base as well as detailed status notifications, vessel or plant crews can streamline their work effort and analysis times significantly, all while ensuring highest-level efficiency and safe operation.

Decision making made easy with PrimeServ Assist

The earlier you know about an anomaly, the earlier you can take action to prevent potential problems. That’s the philosophy behind PrimeServ Assist.


Resourceful algorithms and product experts who know what to do

Upon reaching the MAN CEON cloud, the data collected from your assets is scanned for anomalies by the PrimeServ Assist algorithms. Our Remote Operation Center is staffed 24/7 with experts covering equipment operation and maintenance as well as data analysis to proactively support customers operating in all time zones. When they see something in your data that’s not right, they’ll notify your on-site and office staff with:

  • Ad hoc notifications on daily operation
  • Instant technical support

When it comes to safeguarding equipment availability, safety and efficiency, having a team of skilled experts in your corner goes a long way.

Our vision on how PrimeServ Assist will help you maximize your equipment availability, safety and efficiency

Marine: How Ibaizabal Tankers benefit from PrimeServ Assist 

Maximizing uptime is a priority for virtually every shipping business. For ship operators, it is crucial to have effective measures in place to predict and prevent issues before they happen.

Watch the video to learn how Ibaizabal Tankers enhance their vessels’ availability, safety, and efficiency with PrimeServ Assist Assist.

Turbomachinery: A sharp eye to ensure ideal operation

Success is powered by expertise, consideration, and foresight. Therefore, PrimeServ Assist safeguards optimum operation – 24/7, 365 days a year. We have combined twenty years of top-performance experience in remote diagnostics with real-time analytics, supreme digital infrastructure, and our human expertise, to create an innovative and comprehensive service. It is the philosophy behind PrimeServ Assist that it is best to detect and remedy anomalies before they become issues. 

After all, rotating machinery is the beating heart of any plant, therefore keeping yours in mint condition is a matter of the heart for us.

The digital infrastructure

MAN CEON is a central element of the process, powering PrimeServ Assist’s service. Your equipment is connected to it via fully secured, end-to-end encrypted SSL connections. Accessible to you as well as our Remote Operation Centers, the data is stored and analyzed on the platform.

Always up, always on

MAN experts are connected by a global network to ensure round-the-clock proactive PrimeServ Assist Assist services. If your organization is interested in MAN PrimeServ Assist Assist contact us now.




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