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All relevant data at hand

Downtime is costly, whether you are fishing, dredging, moving cargo across the sea, or giving people the holiday of a lifetime on a cruise – especially unscheduled downtime. It impacts not only the productivity of your business but others further down the supply chain. The potential consequences include penalties for unmet contract commitments and reputational damage.

As a reliable service partner, we not only strive to minimize unplanned maintenance, but we also focus on reducing overall downtime. Long-term service agreements and parts supply are essential for increasing the reliability of your fleet and reducing total cost of ownership. Digital services and upgrades have an increasing role to play. Updating your asset with the latest digital solutions is one of the keys to extending its availability.

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and more assets under digital service contracts with millions of running hours of experience


Our technicians also help you optimize engine availability and performance with predictive maintenance. After all, keeping your ship in the best condition maximizes uptime and output, which is the best thing you can do for your profitability.
MAN CEON is the backbone of our digital services. It securely links our experts to your equipment via an end-to-end connection and provides them with all relevant operating data. These technicians then analyze the data with a wide array of advanced algorithms and functionalities.
In the event of difficulties, our experts obtain all necessary information from your systems. They coordinate with the experts on your ships who are responsible for the equipment and components and provide proactive help to keep your equipment running.

Digital transformation

Adapting your assets can also be a strategic step in the digital transformation of your operations. Intelligent systems allow for action before your vessel reaches a shutdown condition. They predict the need for repair and spare and wear parts, detect failure factors early on, monitor performance, and generate data that helps you extend the time between overhauls. These capabilities are vital to optimizing operational availability and reducing the overall price of maintenance.
Data availability ensures asset availability. Thanks to operational intelligence you can always have a good overview of all relevant data monitoring the systems and maximize the uptime of your asset. In addition, our solutions help you avoid making your equipment obsolete over time by offering the possibility to constantly renew them.
Relying on MAN algorithms and internal digital platforms like MAN CEON, our technicians remotely monitor and analyze your equipment’s health in near real time. In the case of beginning malfunctions, we contact you as quickly as possible about what to do to get back sailing. Our Remote Operation Center experts are there for you 24/7.

Data driven performance

The earlier you know about a potential anomaly or optimization, the earlier the maintenance team can take action. By utilizing AI algorithms designed specifically for your equipment and adding the unparalleled knowledge from our technical experts, we give you the decision-making insight you need to resolve issues and increase performance. No matter when or where it happens, the moment we see something that’s not right, you get notified instantly with details and solutions.

Plan your voyages for optimal operation and maintenance

The MAN EcoLoad advisory tool constantly monitors current operation conditions and provides real-time recommendations based on live data and your individual requirements. The MAN EcoLoad route planner makes best use of the MAN ECOMAP functionality. It incorporates both the vessel’s operation profile as well as individual engine settings, thus enabling the operator to schedule minor maintenance without seriously impacting running hours.

Discover our digital two-stroke solutions

PrimeServ Assist basic packages

With PrimeServ Assist you can optimize performance and uptime through real-time data, cutting-edge AI, and OEM, expert support for all MAN marine applications and products.


MAN Load Optimizer is an engine control system update that improves the cylinder liner condition during engine load up and during load changes.

This reduces the risk of excessive wear and reduces fuel consumption.


An upgrade of the engine control system (ECS) power supply to enable constant insulation surveillance


Reduction of cylinder liner wear and saving of cylinder lube oil.


Discover our digital four-stroke solutions

PrimeServ Assist basic packages

With PrimeServ Assist you can optimize performance and uptime through real-time data, cutting-edge AI, and OEM, expert support for all MAN marine applications and products.


On the air adjustment of engine parameters for power plants.


Lube oil condition monitoring for smarter maintanance.


Sensors & AI for safety and monitoring features for an improved on-site operation & maintenance of the engine. Better performance, maintenance anticipation, prolonged engine life and reduce environmental impact. Cloud connectable.


Operation of the engine at its maximum efficiency with a real time on-site monitoring system. Engine and turbocharger speed, exhaust gas temperature, power, fluids temperature and pressure are monitored by it.


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