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Guaranteeing safety in complex environments

There’s no question that safety is vital in the marine industry. But safety risks are more complex than ever, as is finding the most efficient, cost-effective solutions to mitigate them. What to do? The best approach is a proactive one. Ensuring the safety and dependability of your marine engines and propulsion systems is critical, as that requirement affects all other parts of your business. Our experts have a holistic understanding of the challenges you face. Working with us takes safety to a higher level, for your personnel, as well as for your vessel.

MAN PrimeServ service centers throughout the world


Reliably minimizing risks and guaranteeing safety in an increasingly complex maritime industry is challenging. Choosing the right investments requires you to stay on top of the latest in R&D. You have to monitor evolving certifications and standards and track the safety options at your disposal. It’s an on-going effort. Thanks to sophisticated monitoring of engine data, we help you avoid unplanned downtime and maximize both the reliability and predictability of your marine propulsion system. Condition monitoring of the engine and its consumption of fuel and lubrication oil not only can prevent safety issues from developing but can improve propulsion and lower exhaust emissions. Safety is not just a result in itself, it also raises the operational robustness of your boat or fleet.
Our data-driven insights maximize safety while enabling smart processes, smooth operation, and predictive maintenance services.

Our solutions build on our OEM expertise

MAN PrimeServ has a long tradition of service for the MAN engine and auxiliary equipment. We are also experts in gas and dual-fuel propulsion systems. Benefit from our holistic understanding of your application and the marine sector.

  • We ensure safety awareness and the best possible protection of your employees with OEM-level training.
  • You can rely on our global expertise as contributors to international standards bodies.
  • We evaluate your compliance with the latest safety laws, standards, and regulations and offer actionable recommendations.
  • We offer a holistic approach to assessments, which includes reviewing threshold values for maximum safety and optimized availability.
  • We can leverage comprehensive data security layers in solutions for connected assets.

Data monitoring solutions that keep your equipment running safely

Using our cutting-edge digital solutions like PrimeServ Assist helps you stay safe while increasing your economic efficiency at the same time. PrimeServ Assist includes remote monitoring functionalities with smart algorithms that predict problems in advance. Thus, we are well-equipped to help you develop safety systems and procedures that prevent accidents from happening in the first place.
The risk assessments we conduct give you the information you need to safeguard your assets and achieve your business goals. But not only this. We also help you create a culture of safety that protects your entire enterprise, including people and assets.

Discover our digital two-stroke solutions

PrimeServ Assist basic packages

With PrimeServ Assist you can optimize performance and uptime through real-time data, cutting-edge AI, and OEM, expert support for all MAN marine applications and products.


Synchrophasing is a new, and highly effective tool introduced to reduce vibrations of both vessel and engine structure in ships with twin propulsion design.

A comprehensive test period covering over 15 ships shows a vibration reduction measurement in the range of 50-70%.


MAN Load Optimizer is an engine control system update that improves the cylinder liner condition during engine load up and during load changes.

This reduces the risk of excessive wear and reduces fuel consumption.


An upgrade of the engine control system (ECS) power supply to enable constant insulation surveillance


Discover our digital four-stroke solutions

PrimeServ Assist basic packages

With PrimeServ Assist you can optimize performance and uptime through real-time data, cutting-edge AI, and OEM, expert support for all MAN marine applications and products.


On the air adjustment of engine parameters for power plants.


Lube oil condition monitoring for smarter maintanance.


Sensors & AI for safety and monitoring features for an improved on-site operation & maintenance of the engine. Better performance, maintenance anticipation, prolonged engine life and reduce environmental impact. Cloud connectable.


Operation of the engine at its maximum efficiency with a real time on-site monitoring system. Engine and turbocharger speed, exhaust gas temperature, power, fluids temperature and pressure are monitored by it.



Evolution of the well-known SaCoSone control system with proven reliability, robustness, tailored functionality for the demands of MAN engines and extended safety features.


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