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Digitalization for green shipping

Shipping makes an important contribution to GHG emissions. 95% of goods traded around the world are transported by merchant vessels. These ships, like cruise liners and smaller boats, traverse sensitive international waters where they must meet strict emission regulations.

MAN Energy Solutions is a leader in providing clean solutions for the maritime industry. Our technology portfolio helps owners and operators reduce their carbon footprint and meet strict emission standards, present and future, while at the same time keeping vessels efficient and economical.
We focus on utilizing cleaner fuels for a more sustainable, carbon-free future.

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The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set its target: by 2050, the shipping industry must halve its greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2008. This goal is made tougher by the projected growth of emissions that is driven by the increase in international trade. The maritime energy transition is underway, and standards are increasingly strict. MAN Energy Solutions is dedicated to supporting this transition: reducing the maritime industry’s carbon footprint while growing business.

We believe in the power of clean. Our digital solutions help to reduce pollution and give your equipment a more sustainable profile. We achieve this through savings on fuel oil consumption or reducing the methane slip for example. In this way we help you meet all current and future regulations while reducing their overall environmental impact. 


In existing IMO regulations, the EEDI (energy efficiency design index) and other measures operate with CO2 as the only contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

A other regulations is EEXI (energy efficiency existing ship index), a new IMO regulation (from 2022) that aims to reduce CO2 emissions of existing vessels by setting minimum requirements for technical efficiency. CII (carbon intensity indicator) measures, how efficiently a ship transports goods or passengers and is given in grams of CO2 emitted per cargo-carrying capacity and nautical mile.

However, IMO is considering regulating other GHGs such as methane. Upcoming EU regulations FuelEU Maritime and EU Emission trading system (ETS) are expected to cover methane slip from 2025.

To meet the IMO’s 2050 goals and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in maritime shipping, ship owners and builders need to follow multiple tracks. In terms of fuels, that means changing to alternative fuels like LNG, methanol, LPG, and ethane as well as green fuels like ammonia, synthetic methane and green hydrogen.

Use Case

First Mærsk container vessel running on green methanol fuel. The new vessels feature an innovative dual fuel engine, developed in collaboration with MAN Energy Solutions. Get more Information on the journey all the way to zero of the Mærsk Vessel.
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Digital solutions

Our digital solutions for two-stroke and four-stroke systems include PMI Adaptive Cylinder Control, a fully automatic system that will constantly help you secure optimal engine tuning, continuous lube oil monitoring, or the MAN EcoLoad advisory tool, which watches the powertrain and provides continuous feedback in order to run your plant at its optimal operating point at all times. The MAN ECO CONTROL portfolio is already helping shipowners reap the benefits of reduced emissions as well as greater economy and efficiency.

The common nominators for our digital solutions are:

  • Efficiency increase
  • Fuel saving
  • Optimization on operation
  • Reducing the methane slip efficient performance

Discover our digital two-stroke solutions

PMI ACCo is a fully automatic system that will constantly help you secure optimal engine tuning regardless of engine load, load range, load changes, and varying fuel calorific values.

PMI ACCo is based on a patented closed loop algorithm. Using values from the engine’s performance trial as reference, the algorithm adjusts the fuel index and exhaust valve operation of each cylinder. PMI ACCo is fully automatic and works in all load ranges to ensure the lowest possible fuel consumption.


MAN EcoTorque is a governor control update developed to improve cylinder liner condition and save fuel.

Instead of governing a steady rpm, the engine speed is allowed to drift within a specified range. This means that short-term external influences will not put excess strain on the engine, and the fuel index will remain steady.


PrimeServ Assist basic packages

With PrimeServ Assist you can optimize performance and uptime through real-time data, cutting-edge AI, and OEM, expert support for all MAN marine applications and products.


Overridable power reduction to comply with carbon intensity indicator (CII). It is designed to lower the energy efficiency index for existing ships (EEXI) by limiting the engine power to comply with IMO regulations.


Discover our digital four-stroke solutions

PrimeServ Assist basic packages

With PrimeServ Assist you can optimize performance and uptime through real-time data, cutting-edge AI, and OEM, expert support for all MAN marine applications and products.


On the air adjustment of engine parameters for power plants.


Lube oil condition monitoring for smarter maintanance.



System that applies different engine maps to reduce fuel consumption while observing IMO emission limits.


MAN EcoLoad advisory tool

Optimal operation advice for MAN four-stroke plants for best efficiency and reduced carbon foot print.


Sensors & AI for safety and monitoring features for an improved on-site operation & maintenance of the engine. Better performance, maintenance anticipation, prolonged engine life and reduce environmental impact. Cloud connectable.


Operation of the engine at its maximum efficiency with a real time on-site monitoring system. Engine and turbocharger speed, exhaust gas temperature, power, fluids temperature and pressure are monitored by it.


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