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Discover advanced system solutions in 3D, meet our dedicated experts online and get inspiration for the future of your business. We offer you a virtual world of possibilities, including MAN ExpertTalks, product news and updates on the key developments in your sector. 

Innovations and highlights from your business area

  • Key visual MAN 32/40 configurator

    360° service overview for MAN 32/40 engines

    Discover our full-service portfolio of smart solutions, digital tools, and technologies which meet the highest standards.

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  • find-the-perfect-course_highlight

    Find the perfect course

    Discover our premium training solutions and empower your team´s expertise with MAN PrimeServ Academies. Find a course that fits perfect!

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  • ammonia-engine on testbed

    MAN B&W ammonia engine development

    The MAN B&W two-stroke ammonia engine will meet future market demands for green ship propulsion including retrofits.

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  • Methanol-rady-engines

    Methanol-ready engines

    Discover our new, methanol-ready engines and retrofit solutions for four-stroke marine applications: high efficiency, low carbon, futureproof.

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  • Keyvisual-L21-21DFM

    MAN L21/31DF-M

    The MAN L21/31DF-M methanol GenSet is the first small-bore dual-fuel methanol GenSet in our portfolio.

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  • MAN 35/44DF CD GenSet

    MAN 35/44DF CD

    MAN 35/44DF CD: The ultimate marine genset with high power, fuel flexibility, and future-proof technology. Methanol-ready and CO2 reduction compliant.

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    Heat up Carbon down

    Heat pumps are one of the most practical ways of lowering heating costs and CO2 emissions for utilities and heat-intensive industries.

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  • Lifecycle-upgrade

    Lifecycle Upgrade MAN 48/60

    Lifecycle Upgrade is a service that allows ship owners and operators to renew their MAN 48/60 ship engines and upgrade them to new MAN 51/60 HFO engines.

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  • Cryotank with fuels surrounding it and an engineer taking a look at it

    Cryogenic equipment

    MAN Cryo is a leading provider of engineering solutions for cryogenic applications. Our systems enable the storage, distribution, and handling of liquefied natural gas and liquefied hydrogen at sea and on land.

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    E-methanol in focus

    MAN DWE® reactors are used in e-methanol production as well as in methanol-to-gasoline and methanol-to-kerosene processes.

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  • future-proof-engines graphic

    Future proof stationary engines

    MAN gas and dual fuel engines are bridging technology. They lower carbon emissions now with technology that can be upgraded or retrofitted at a later date.

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  • MAN49-60DF key visual

    MAN 49/60DF

    The new MAN 49/60DF and its fuel flexibility, enabling it to run on LNG, Diesel or HFO, ensure the lowest fuel costs.

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    Compressed Natural Gas

    CNG is the answer to affordable, economical change towards decarbonization: with the ability to supply remote locations with smaller demand at a feasible price it is carved out for regions like the Carribean.

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    Carbon Capture Utilization Storage

    Efficient decarbonization of coupling industry with MAN CCUS

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  • Future-fuels-power-generation

    Fueling decarbonization

    Future fuels are ready to be used by the energy industry to enable climate goals. At MAN Energy Solutions, we make the machines that run on future fuels.

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    The MAN B&W ME-LGIM is a two-stroke, dual fuel engine that runs on both methanol and conventional fuels.

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  • MAN_TDLC_Header

    The Digital Life Cycle

    Discover how raising the level of autonomous operation in your turbomachinery plant offers you a range of benefits, starting with increased energy efficiency.

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  • hydrogen-campaign

    Hydrogen power solutions

    Green hydrogen and its derivatives offer practical opportunities for process industries, transportation, and power generation. We have considerable experience.

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    It becomes more dependent on renewable energies. This poses challenges for grid reliability. That’s why we introduce our long-duration storage system MOSAS.

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  • carbon dioxide campaign

    Carbon Dioxide

    Technology is available. Emission sources are diverse, and many technologies can be used. Some of the most promising technologies will be described here.

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  • industrial-heat-pump

    Industrial heat pumps and ems

    As global warming becomes urgent, climate targets require a switch to CO2-neutral heat production. We have taken up the challenge facing cities and industry.

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  • MAS_Header_SCR-Teaser

    SCR retrofit for TIER III readyness

    The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) retrofit is integrated into the engine system for clean and efficient propulsion. It improves your ROI and is easy to maintain.

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  • Integrated-energy-production

    Integrated energy production

    Lower your costs, reduce waste and pollution, clean up your image, and create new business opportunities. Find out how with MAN integrated energy production.

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  • EEXI


    What can you do as a shipowner or manager? Learn here what MAN PrimeServ retrofit as your trusted partner can offer you to stay both, compliant & competitive.

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  • Future-fuels

    Future fuels

    No matter what vessel you operate, our proven, fuel-flexible engines and propulsion systems enable you to safeguard your future fuel strategy and allow you to take advantage of favorable market conditions.

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  • MGT6000


    Benefit from MAN’s gas turbine with one of lowest life cycle costs: the MGT6000. This durable solution is the result of combining high fuel efficiency, high reliability, and a long mean time between overhauls.

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    Upgraded MAN B&W ME-GI Mk. 2: The world’s most efficient LNG engine

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    High-efficiency, low-pressure MAN B&W ME-GA engine: best-in-class CAPEX for LNG carriers

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  • two-stroke-engines

    Two-stroke engines

    Get an overview of the MAN two-stroke engines! Our two-stroke engines range from 30 to 95 cm bore sizes with total power ranges from 1,560 kW to 82,440 kW.

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  • Navy-portfolio

    Navy & coast guard

    Trusted by naval forces globally, MAN Energy Solutions continually pushes the boundaries of naval engineering, guaranteeing peak performance under any conditions.

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  • process-industry

    Process Industry

    At MAN Energy Solutions, we believe that innovation is a constant process. We never stop looking for more efficient, reliable and robust technologies for our customers in the process industries.

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  • Oil plattform

    Oil & Gas

    MAN has innovated oil and gas technology in fields such as remote offshore operations or flare gas recovery.

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  • LNG-to-power


    LNG is a transition fuel on the path to clean energy. It is cleaner than other fossil fuels and its dependability makes it a good partner for renewables.

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  • uptime-anytime

    MAN 23/30H Mk3

    By applying innovative technology combined with classic design principles, the MAN L23/30H Mk3 GenSet is built to meet your needs for today and for the future. With an exceptionally wide power range of 500kW–1800kW, including the new 9-cylinder unit version, the MAN L23/30H Mk3 GenSet is suitable for almost any vessel type in your fleet.

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  • Sea-ahead visual


    MAN Energy Solutions offers digital solutions for the maritime industry. Thus ship owners will be able to make smarter decisions and predictions.

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Inspiring Downloads


    Carbon capture, utilization, and storage

    Efficient decarbonization of coupling industry with MAN CCUS

    Download paper

    Decarbonizing with combined heat and power for industrial applications

    We see the main challenge in the net-zero scenarios for the energy industry. The decision has been made to stop using coal and to ramp up renewable energy sources (RES). But what will fill the gap?

    Download paper
  • Hydrogen power solutions

    How can we decarbonize those sectors where electrification is not possible?

    Read our white paper to learn how different sectors can benefit from green hydrogen and its derivative carbon-free fuels.

    Download paper
  • The digital life cycle

    Digital tools for more efficiency in turbomachinery

    We give a broad overview of the historical development and current status of autonomous operation of turbomachinery plants with references and comparisons to the automotive industry and industrial production.

     Download paper

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