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Products and services to cater to your marine business

MAN Asset+ is a range of engineering and software solutions that gives you the opportunity to improve the functionality of your vessels’ engines and systems. In other words, it makes your equipment better at performing specific tasks. MAN Asset+ solutions raise ship performance, keep your equipment up to date, and help you comply with environmental regulations, advancing your operations on the road to energy transition and decarbonization.

Discover new levels of performance and reliability with our portfolio of digital solutions and engineering for your assets. Modular and available on demand. Choose only those you need.

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How MAN Asset+ helps

Our engineering and digital solutions are modular and flexible. We integrate new features and functionalities to make the most of your asset in terms of performance, reliability, and uptime. And all at the highest standards of cyber security.

Functionalities on demand


Being fully flexible and individual means we make sure you get what you need, when you need it. Our modular portfolio allows you to choose solutions matching your specific vessel or fleet requirements.




MAN Asset+ includes a series of automation solutions that you can select for new build and existing vessels alike. These options can help you optimize engine operations, automate manual processes, increase engine reliability, and increase cybersecurity.


up to
vibration reduction in normal sea conditions with Synchrophasing
fuel saving with ACCo

The MAN Asset+ portfolio

MAN Asset+ solutions help you improve efficiency, boost performance, and save on fuel and lube oil. They lower maintenance costs and enable more flexible operation. And they will benefit your employees by improving crew safety, making equipment easier to operate and lowering emissions onboard.

Discover our digital two-stroke solutions

Synchrophasing is a new, and highly effective tool introduced to reduce vibrations of both vessel and engine structure in ships with twin propulsion design.

A comprehensive test period covering over 15 ships shows a vibration reduction measurement in the range of 50-70%.


PMI ACCo is a fully automatic system that will constantly help you secure optimal engine tuning regardless of engine load, load range, load changes, and varying fuel calorific values.

PMI ACCo is based on a patented closed loop algorithm. Using values from the engine’s performance trial as reference, the algorithm adjusts the fuel index and exhaust valve operation of each cylinder. PMI ACCo is fully automatic and works in all load ranges to ensure the lowest possible fuel consumption.


MAN EcoTorque is a governor control update developed to improve cylinder liner condition and save fuel.

Instead of governing a steady rpm, the engine speed is allowed to drift within a specified range. This means that short-term external influences will not put excess strain on the engine, and the fuel index will remain steady.


MAN Load Optimizer is an engine control system update that improves the cylinder liner condition during engine load up and during load changes.

This reduces the risk of excessive wear and reduces fuel consumption.


Optimized cooling system for MAN B&W two-stroke engines with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

With Adaptive Cooling installed the coolant flow will automatically be adapted according to the engine running mode, hence reducing power consumption of the cooling system when running in Tier II or TC cut-out mode.


An extended interface between the engine control system (ECS) and the power management system, (PMS) for plants with a large power take-off (PTO) / shaft generator capacity.

The enhanced interface improves governor stability and performance and increases PTO power availability in the design.


A new scavenge air cooler design that uniquely enables utilization of the energy from the scavenge air cooling process for other energy-consuming processes on board.

Such as increasing boiler feed water temperature, gas vaporization, freshwater production, air condition heating, organic Rankine cycle system or ballast water treatment system.


PTO option 2 for EEDI

Provides engine Control System (ECS) support to option 2 for accounting for PTO in the EEDI.

Can be applied to improve the EEDI for e.g. vessels with a large power consumption.


Discover our digital four-stroke solutions

Sensors & AI for safety and monitoring features for an improved on-site operation & maintenance of the engine. Better performance, maintenance anticipation, prolonged engine life and reduce environmental impact. Cloud connectable.


Operation of the engine at its maximum efficiency with a real time on-site monitoring system. Engine and turbocharger speed, exhaust gas temperature, power, fluids temperature and pressure are monitored by it.


Discover our four-stroke solutions: please place the new solutions under 4-stroke solutions.

Optimization of injection and speed parameters to reduce considerably the visible smoke during starting procedure. 


The benefits in ship performance and fleet management

The advantages are clear: better performance, increased efficiency and new pathways for innovation and business growth. And, especially in view of increasing industry demands for availability and decarbonization, it is becoming increasingly crucial to future-proof long-term investments and adhere to current industry standards. Discover how our portfolio can ease your workflow and keep your asset state-of-the-art by choosing the latest engineering and digital solutions from MAN Energy Solutions.


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    The future of maritime shipping is digital. We deliver flexible, future-minded technology to help you stay competitive, agile, and safe as you navigate the ebbs and flows of digital transformation.

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