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Meet performance targets and industry regulations

It is vital your vessels keep delivering value for as long as possible. As they age, it becomes more important to maintain and optimize performance – not only to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime, but to comply with ever tightening environmental regulations.

Our portfolio of retrofit solutions for propellers, small bore engines, and propulsion systems are some of the most effective ways to extend the lifetime of your vessel and future-proof its performance. With short installation times that can be completed during normal overhauls or dockings, you can reduce emissions, save fuel and lube oil, lower maintenance costs, and meet industry requirements, including CII. 

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MAN Alpha CP propeller and aft ship solutions 

Find out why it’s important to upgrade your existing MAN Alpha CP propeller blade geometry using the latest hydrodynamic technology. Our expert details how CP propeller optimization solutions can increase your vessel's operational economy by reducing your fuel consumption and CO2 footprint, helping you to meet strict emission regulations, including CII.  

Control System solutions  

Learn more about our Propulsion Control System solutions for your two- or four-stroke engines with controllable pitch propellers. Our expert explains how upgrading your legacy system can enable you to improve maneuverability, gain additional fuel savings due to optimized combinator curves and control modes, and avoid potential system failures and vessel downtime.   

Propulsion engine-related 

There are many additional components that help to ensure long-term efficiency and performance for your propulsion engines. Our experts cover everything you need to know about lube oil filtration, Cable package retrofits, Black smoke limitation packages, Crankcase monitoring, Tier II combustion upgrade and Tier III exhaust gas after treatment upgrades, and more. 

Propulsion optimization process 

We offer an efficient process for uncovering the optimization potential of your propulsion system, supporting you at every step from initial request to final installation and sea trial.


Automation and propulsion engine retrofit process

Our retrofit process is tried and tested to deliver the results you need in the shortest possible timeframe. 

Propulsion engine retrofit process

View of our retrofit and upgrade product offerings

  • Controllable pitch propeller optimization.
  • MAN EcoOptimizer.
  • CP propeller upgrade & propeller nozzle.
  • Lube oil centrifugal filter.
  • External exchangeable lube oil filter.
  • AT2000 REM401 I/O card replacement.
  • Crankcase monitoring system.
  • L27/38 fuel system upgrade.
  • Cable package retrofit.
  • AT3000 remote control system retrofit.
  • Safety and monitoring module replacement.
  • Deuta werke tacho converter replacement.
  • Black smoke limitation package.
  • MAN OPL Alphatronic.
  • Tier II upgrade.
  • Tier III upgrade.



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  • A MAN PrimeServ 4-stroke propulsion retrofit & upgrade
    pdf, 2562 KB
  • AT2000 REM401 IO card replacement
    pdf, 623 KB
  • AT3000 Remote Control
    pdf, 598 KB
  • Black smoke limitation package
    pdf, 802 KB
  • Cable package retrofit
    pdf, 516 KB
  • Controllable Pitch propeller optimization
    pdf, 386 KB
  • Controllable Pitch Propeller Upgrade & Nozzle
    pdf, 622 KB
  • Crankcase monitoring system
    pdf, 761 KB
  • Deuta Werke Tacho Converter
    pdf, 456 KB
  • External Exchangeable Lube Oil Filter
    pdf, 488 KB
  • L27-38 fuel system upgrade
    pdf, 851 KB
  • Lubricating Oil Centrifugal Filter
    pdf, 457 KB
  • MAN EcoOptimizer
    pdf, 611 KB
  • MAN OPL Alphatronic
    pdf, 363 KB
  • Safety and Monitoring Module Replacement
    pdf, 524 KB
  • Tier II Upgrade
    pdf, 584 KB
  • Tier III Upgrade with MAN SCR
    pdf, 364 KB

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