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Retrofits for propeller and aft ship

MAN PrimeServ’s retrofit solutions are available for propellers of any make. Solutions range from a simple propeller, or blade, exchange to sophisticated concepts that match retrofits to efficiency-improving devices (EID) to boost propeller and propulsion efficiency.
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Propeller upgrades save fuel and optimize propulsion performance

The retrofit solutions of MAN PrimeServ have great fuel-saving potential, come with a short return of investment, and may even advance vessels to higher energy classes. Leveraging state-of-the-art CFD analysis, design, and optimization tools, we offer a wide range of fuel-saving solutions covering FPPs, CPPs, and efficiency-improving devices. Solutions range from a simple propeller or blade exchange to more sophisticated concepts. We can upgrade propellers of any make. Update your system with the latest technology to meet stricter emission levels while optimizing your operational economy.

How you benefit

  • Boost efficiency, reliability, and availability
  • Reduce emissions and fuel consumption
  • Leverage the latest technology
  • Lower operating cost

Examples of propeller upgrades


Fixed Pitch Propeller (FPP)Saves up to 10% fuel, increases efficiency, reduces emission levels, and the risk of cavitation. Return of investment is short.
Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP)Upgrade saves up to 14% fuel, increases propeller efficiency, and reduces emissions.
Customized propeller nozzlesImproves propulsion efficiency by up to 16%, while lowering noise and vibrations.
Rudder bulb and fairing coneSaves up to 3-5% fuel, increases efficiency, reducing emission levels and maintenance costs.
Customized Kappel-shaped propeller
Improves propulsion efficiency by 4–7% compared to non-Kappel propellers and reduces both emissions and noise. This upgrade is available for CP and FP propellers.
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
Improves the power quality onboard while enabling slow steaming and saving fuel. Depending on your service profile, a VFD can cut fuel consumption by 5-15%. 


Expert advice when and where you need it

At MAN PrimeServ, we help you ensure the reliable performance and availability of your marine engines and systems. Our experienced engineers and field technicians consult on – and supply – the latest in retrofit solutions and upgrades to help you meet specific business targets.

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