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  • Aerial shot of plant for production of cement

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    Carbon capture utilization storage

    Carbon capture, utilization and storage will become more important for the energy transition as unavoidable emissions move to the forefront of discussions.

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  • decarb



    MAN Energy Solutions powers decarbonization by helping customers to increase the efficiency of their plants and applications, and to reduce emissions.

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  • decarbonization-oil-gas

    Oil & Gas

    Decarbonization for the oil and gas industry

    MAN Energy Solutions support their clients in the petrochemical and oil and gas industries in cutting emissions, saving costs and preparing for a carbon-neutral future.

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  • Dteaser_decarbonization

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    Decarbonization is central to climate policy. To reach environmental goals and damp the effects of global warming, reducing carbon emissions is vital.

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  • decarbonization

    Energy & Storage

    Decarbonization | MAN Energy Solutions

    Our innovative solutions can help you reduce carbon emissions while generating profitable, reliable power.

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  • Future-fuels


    Future fuels

    No matter what vessel you operate, our proven, fuel-flexible engines and propulsion systems enable you to safeguard your future fuel strategy and allow you to take advantage of favorable market conditions.

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  • Haru_Oni_DJI_klein

    Energy transition

    Haru Oni e-fuels

    The Haru Oni demonstration plant could pave the way for a viable alternative to fossil fuels: It produces synthetic e-fuels from hydrogen that can help the fight against climate change. MAN Energy Solutions provided the e-methanol reactor to the plant.

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  • hapag-lloyd

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    How can we decarbonize shipping

    Hapag-Lloyd’s Richard von Berlepsch on climate change, clean oceans and LNG for cargo ships.

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  • Research Centre Copenhagen

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    Making the maritime energy transition

    The work being done on carbon-neutral engines at the Research Centre Copenhagen in Denmark is crucial for the maritime energy transition.

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  • ME-LGIM assembly

    Methanol fueled ships

    Sustainable shipping starts now. Find out more about the first large-scale engines for container ships run on green methanol.

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