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  • ElbBLUE_Sunset

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    A new milestone towards sustainable shipping

    In a technical showcase the ElbBLUE became the first container ship worldwide to use climate-neutral synthetic natural gas on a commercial trip.

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  • Synthetic-fuels

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    Creating a cleaner fuel

    Synthetic natural gas (SNG) and methanol can bring renewable energy to sectors where direct electrification isn’t possible or practical. Here’s how they’re made.

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  • Future-fuels


    Future fuels

    No matter what vessel you operate, our proven, fuel-flexible engines and propulsion systems enable you to safeguard your future fuel strategy and allow you to take advantage of favorable market conditions.

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  • MAN_ES_Glossary_Green_fuels720x405.jpg

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    Green fuels

    How are green fuels produced from renewable energy and hydrogen and why are they relevant for the industry?

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  • benefits-of-methanol_Teaser

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    The benefits of methanol

    What makes methanol so attractive for the maritime energy transition? MAN Energy Solutions fuel expert Kjeld Aabo explains.

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  • two-stroke-ammonia-engine

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    The case for two-stroke ammonia engines

    Why newbuild and retrofit ammonia engines are key for the maritime energy transition.

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  • Climate neutral Shipping Teaser

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    The route to climate-neutral shipping

    Volker Quaschning, Johannah Christensen and Christopher Hebling address solutions to decarbonize maritime shipping with e-Fuels.

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