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Monday, March 2, 2020

PrimeServ Introduces MAN EngineVault

New digital initiative offers cybersecurity to engine installations

MAN PrimeServ, MAN Energy Solutions’ after-sales division, has announced a new digital addition to its retrofit portfolio. Called ‘MAN EngineVault’, the new initiative prepares shipowners for developments within the increasingly important area of marine cybersecurity. In connection with this, the IMO, SIRE and SOLAS are all set to introduce guidelines from January 1, 2021 that will require operators to address the issue.

Specifically, MAN EngineVault revitalises existing engines, machinery, auxiliary systems, instrumentation and control systems that have already operated in the field for multiple years, protecting main-engine networks from online and physical cyberattacks.

Unique in the marine industry, MAN EngineVault combines state-of-the-art software and hardware to provide firewall protection, comprehensive whitelisting and application-layer protection that seals engine networks off from virtually any known threat – including on-board attacks via compromised USB flash drives and similar, physical media.

Michael Petersen – Vice President, Head of PrimeServ Copenhagen – said: “Data is shaping the future of shipping. Engine data in particular is essential to help our customers make smarter decisions and better predictions. We realise that the increase in digitisation and network-based systems also increases vulnerability for cyberattacks that can potentially paralyse entire businesses. Therefore, implementing defensive barriers – also for your vessels' main engines – should be an essential element in proactive cybersecurity management.”

As well as comprehensive, in-house testing, MAN PrimeServ has also successfully trialed MAN EngineVault in the field aboard the ‘Adriatic Gas’, a semi-refrigerated carrier owned by UltraShip, the international marine group.

Kaj Pilemand, Chief Technical Officer at UltraShip, said: “Being a trusted partner to our customers is key to our operations. Consequently, cybersecurity is high on our agenda to ensure that staff, vessel and cargo are shielded against online and physical cyberattacks, so we can continue to fulfil the responsibilities towards our stakeholders.”

Petersen added: “One of MAN PrimeServ’s aims is to contribute to areas where we can provide unique benefits to our customers’ business. Ultimately, MAN EngineVault optimises the availability and efficiency of ship installations. It is our firm belief that cross-industry cooperation is essential to the success of the digital transition that the industry is currently experiencing, and in this respect we thank UltraShip for their role in helping to bring MAN EngineVault to the market.”


Critical components

MAN EngineVault protection involves three main security components:

  • Full network hardening via port protection, encryption of all data received and transmitted, and advanced network segment segregation
  • Critical hardware protection via the latest state-of-the-art main operating panels for the engine control and management systems
  • Cutting-edge application-layer protection and extensive whitelisting that only allows MAN-certified software on your engine network.

Even in the event of a successful attack, MAN EngineVault can immediately return engine networks to their last-known safe state.

MAN EngineVault will come as standard in newbuilt ME-engines from May 2020.



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