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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

First Orders for MAN Engines Meeting New Chinese Emissions Legislation

Significant potential for small bore four-stroke engines in river-and-coastal market

MAN Energy Solutions has announced that its Chinese license, CMP, has won a series of new, small-bore, four-stroke orders within the significant, Chinese, inland-and-coastal segment. The orders are for MAN 21/31, 27/38 and 23/30H types and stem in great part from the Chinese government establishing new, impending, emission protocols for the segment with its GB15097 regulation – commonly known as C1 and C2.

Finn Fjeldhøj, Head of Small-Bore, Four-Stroke Engineering, MAN Energy Solutions, said: “With the introduction of C1 and C2, we identified – in close cooperation with our Chinese licensees – the business potential in the Chinese inland market, prepared a business case, and initiated the appropriate design-and-performance test measures to make our engines compliant. Accordingly, to gain orders for three of our small-bore, medium-speed engines is very gratifying.”

He continued: “These are the first C1-compliant orders of their type and represent an important milestone for MAN Energy Solutions within the Chinese river-and-coastal segment. I congratulate our licensee, CMP, for the great work it has carried out in incorporating C1- and C2-compliant engines into its engine programme, and for its strong engagement in developing performance and deterioration tests for the required certification. This important work helps expand the market and, as a result, I am very optimistic that more such orders will follow.”

Engine package

CMP recently won the order to provide 1 × 6S35ME-B9.5 Tier ll main engine and 3 × 6L27/38 + 1 × 5L21/31 GenSets for a 15,000 dwt shuttle tanker currently under construction by Qidong COSCO Shipping Engineering Co., Ltd for Shanghai Beihai Shipping Co., Ltd. The GenSets fulfill Tier II + C1 requirements and engine delivery is scheduled for the end of October 2020.

The project is in line with CMP’s strategy of creating a C1 order book and increasing its share of the domestic ship market. The project also marks the first occasion that CMP has won a two-stroke ME order within the COSCO Shipping group.

23/30H order

CMP has also won the order from Yang Zi Jiang Shipyard to supply the engines for  2 × 52,000 dwt bulk carriers, each featuring 3 × 5L23/30H C1-compliant GenSets. Engine delivery has been set for May 2021.

CMP further reports that it is also working on several, different bulk and RoRo C1-compliant projects, mostly with MAN 23/30 applications. 

C1 and C2 emission legislation

Formerly, most diesel engines in this marine segment were locally produced by domestic brands. However, in recent years, the Chinese authorities have tightened emission requirements, even surpassing IMO regulations. The China GB15097 regulation – commonly known as C1 and C2 – includes limits for particulate matter (PM) and resembles EPA US limits closely.

The Statutory Technical Rules for The Inspection of Domestic Seaway Ships will be formally enforced by the China Maritime Safety Administration from August 1, 2020. GB15097 will require the exhaust emissions of all domestic, seaway, medium-speed, diesel engines to follow Chinese C1/C2 emission rules. The new legislation will primarily apply to domestic bulk carriers, feeder containers, oil tankers, passenger RoRos and government vessels – a sizable market.


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