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Our engine ranges

MAN Energy Solutions UK is the original equipment manufacturer and offers worldwide support for a number of diesel engine brands including Ruston, Mirrlees Blackstone and Paxman, therefore making us the only supplier of genuine spare parts for these engine brands.


MAN Energy Solutions UK supports all Ruston products including the following:

  • RK215
  • RK270 
  • RK280 
  • RKC3
  • RKC 
  • RKG 
  • RKGS 

Mirrlees Blackstone

We support all Mirrlees Blacksone products including the following:

  • K and KV major
  • MB275
  • MB430
  • E – Type


We support all Paxman products including the following:

  • VP185
  • RP200
  • Ventura (YJ)     
  • RPH

All our spare parts – whether new or remanufactured – are fit for purpose and manufactured to our original specifications. All parts are guaranteed by detailed identification to ensure that they meet the latest design and quality specifications. We hold original design drawings for all our products, making us the only company who can give a 100% guarantee that our components have been manufactured to the original specification. Through our links with our parent company, we have access to some of the world’s leading experts on diesel engines and turbomachinery so we will always be able to provide you with the detailed technical support you need to keep your equipment operating at maximum efficiency.

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Worldwide service

As the original equipment manufacturer and based on decades of engineering experience, our team of OEM trained Superintendent and Field Service Engineers who have undergone extensive training at our MAN Training Academies and are fully qualified to perform and provide services on the MAN range of engines including Ruston, Mirrlees Blackstone and Paxman. Our Technical Service team are able to provide service support for engine installation, routine and major overhauls, trouble shooting, technical commissioning services, turbocharger overhauls and service, Class Survey support and retrofit solutions in both marine and power applications. Our technical engineering team can provide detailed failure and metallurgical investigation and analysis services on a wide range of engines and componentry, backed up with detailed reports and recommendations.

Our MAN Energy Solutions UK Ltd, Stockport workshop can offer OEM overhaul, repairs and testing of components, turbocharger overhaul and balancing services for a wide range of MAN and Omnicare equipment, all fully backed and guaranteed by MAN.

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