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Reliability in the face of new challenges

New opportunities are arising for offshore and harbor operators to increase their profits. Many years of experience ensure that the innovative marine engines and systems from MAN Energy Solutions are ideally suited to your business operations, both offshore and in harbors.

Focused on your business

MAN engines are made to keep your business running smoothly, with long TBO (time between overhauls), high HSE (health, safety, and environmental) standards, and easy maintenance.

As the demand for energy continues to grow, drilling operations are moving into deeper waters in search of resources. When the large ships that transport and consume this fuel come into port, they need more powerful tugs.

Offshore vessels require highly reliable and efficient propulsion systems that adapt easily to rough seas, harsh environments, and low-load operation. They often have to meet strict emissions regulations.

MAN engines are reliable, compact, safe, and clear in design – to match these requirements and to place the focus on your business.

A minimum of
time between overhaul for the L27/38
Emission reduction of up to
in CO₂ and savings on fuel oil with our hybrid propulsion systems for tugs

Engines that keep your business running



Anchor handling tugs (AHT) and anchor handling supply vessels (AHTS) perform a wide range of jobs, such as high-powered towing, delivering supplies to rigs, and emergency rescue operations. All these tasks have to be performed reliably.

Flexible performers

Versatile vessels need versatile engines. On an AHT, you want high propulsion power for transit but significantly lower power for dynamic positioning mode and station keeping. And sometimes you require high power very quickly.

Low SFOC (specific fuel oil consumption) is essential for the charter and oil businesses that want to work with companies that have a green profile. Other specific requirements can include accommodation for up to 60 people, high winch capacity, and subsea construction capability.

Our engines cover all these needs as well as complying with new international regulations such as IMO and Marpol.

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Platform supply vessels (PSV) transport cargo and crews to offshore oil rigs and platforms. They can also be adapted for a variety of offshore support operations, such as subsea surveys, flexible pipe laying or repairs.

The need for exceptional load response

One of the challenges for PSV engines is operating at very low load while keeping position near the rig. On the other hand, high-load operation is necessary when in operation and in transit. Some engines have to cope with very cold climates, for example on exploration missions in Arctic waters. And in terms of getting a return on one’s investment, low SFOC and long TBO are very desirable life cycle cost qualities.

All in all, the platform supply business depends on very special engines.



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Offshore construction vessels (OCV) are very special vessels needed for building offshore structures like oil rigs, laying underwater pipes, and installing subsea systems in deep waters. Windfarm installation vessels (WIV) specialize in windfarms. OCVs are sometimes involved in well intervention and drilling, and have to withstand the harshest of conditions.

Reliable and economic operation

As well as transporting construction equipment and structures, OCVs often store large quantities of liquids or dry substances below deck and can have a deck load capacity of up to 9,000 tons. Some have moon pools and cranes for support work.

Owners and operators are looking for low-speed operation to ensure long engine life, low wear rates, minimum downtime, easy and efficient maintenance, and fuel economy.


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Global growth in marine transport has brought larger vessels and an increase in the volume and complexity of harbor traffic, prompting the development of more powerful and more maneovurable tugs for ship assistance and harbor operation.

Clean and flexible engines for hard-working boats

Harbors are environmentally sensitive areas and emission requirements are strict in terms of NOx and particulate matter. Modern tugs require cost-efficient engines with great adaptability to various propulsion systems and applications.

This is because the operation profile of a tug could be described as a “sleeping bear” – many hours of standby interrupted by full power demand on all engines.

An additional, efficient, and cost-effective solution to the requirements can also be found in our new hybrid propulsion systems for tugs that combine mechanical and electrical power from diesel and battery sources.

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Discover the MAN 175D high-speed marine engine

Learn more about the MAN 175D application for tugs

Multipurpose support vessels


The multipurpose label covers a wide range of specializations. These vessels commonly support diving operations, offshore structure maintenance, and provide general assistance in the oil and gas industry. Often they are adapted with special equipment for fire-fighting safety standby, emergency evacuations, and rescue operations.

Adapting to the circumstances

Multipurpose support vessels can be customized for operations and construction work on the seabed and sometimes have sophisticated features such as a helideck and foundations for heave-compensated offshore cranes and A-frames.

Dynamic positioning is an important requirement, along with environmental friendliness and fuel economy. These are all factors that are taken into account by our engineers and fulfilled by MAN Energy Solutions engines.


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Battery hybrid marine solutions


In a hybrid system, mechanical and electric power work together in the propulsion train, optimizing the propulsion efficiency for ships with a flexible power demand. The combination of mechanical power delivered by diesel engines and electrical power provided by electric motors ensures the ship’s broad operational capability, providing the right amount of power and torque to the propeller in each operation mode. A hybrid propulsion plant is better prepared for changes in operation during the vessel’s trip or even the vessel’s lifetime.

MAN Energy Solutions provides fully tailor-made hybrid propulsion solutions. All components such as the main engines, GenSets, switchboards, converters, electric motors, gearboxes, and propellers are individually designed.


  • Wide variety of operation modes
  • Flexible power demand with fast system responses and high plant flexibility
  • The propeller can be driven by the diesel engine, and/or by the electric motor
  • Highly redundant and reliable propulsion system
  • High plant efficiency over a wide range of operation modes
  • Fuel oil consumption is lower, and fuel related emissions like SOx and CO₂ are also reduced

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MAN PrimeServ protects your energy assets from day one

Whether you feed energy into the grid or satisfy a localized demand, on land or at sea, our technicians provide what you need – where and when you need it, ensuring the availability, flexibility, and profitability of your plant. 

How you benefit: 

  • Fast, reliable and expert customer support  
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  • Bespoke O&M contracts 
  • Global service – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year 
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