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Everything you need from a single source – reliable and straightforward 

The fluid catalytic cracking process is an integral part of oil and gas refining. MAN Energy Solutions is a leading provider of the necessary components and a single source for your turnaround (TAR) requirements. We offer everything from planning and engineering to construction and execution of turnarounds. We work to the highest standards at all times. 

Controlling production risk in the refinery industry

As an operator in the refinery business, you know what's at stake. Each hour of downtime eats into your profits. Each component that needs replacing is a strain on your resources. The RFCC/FCC processes at the heart of your business must run as smoothly as possible to guarantee profitability. For your turnarounds, you need to be able to rely on on-time delivery of high-quality components. You need all logistics and construction issues taken care of. Your downtimes must be kept to a minimum, and spare parts must be available for the lifetime of your plant. At MAN Energy Solutions, we have decades of experience, working with our customers worldwide to execute TARs (over 100 to date) and design new plants. 

on-time delivery you can rely on
Up to
reduced turnaround time with MAN Energy Solutions compared to customers' own planning
successful turnarounds completed worldwide since 1985

Get everything you need from us, from feasibility studies to on-site assembly

Concentrate on making your business thrive – trust us to supply the equipment you need

From idea to actual operations: MAN Energy Solutions acts as an one-stop shop for your strategic planning and execution.

As a specialist in refinery technology, we provide our customers with components and complete systems for petrochemical processes. With over 60 years of experience, we manufacture all parts with the aim of designing the ideal plant for your business. If it's a revamp you are looking for, we have decades of experience in working with customers to bring their operations up to date. We offer engineering studies, workshop fabrication, transportation, on-site assembly, maintenance, service and anything else you could wish for in between.

You benefit from our outstanding workmanship: Based on planning by our master engineers, highly experienced craftspeople are in charge of all steps such as refractory lining and welding. Their dedication and the high-grade materials we use are reflected in the durability and sheer quality of our products. With MAN Energy Solutions, you can rely on minimal downtimes and lifetime availability of spare parts. 

We get you what you need – step by step

Feasibility studies and TAR planning


Turnarounds are major undertakings. Our feasibility studies include site visits, checks on crane capacity, calculating the necessary manpower, predicting downtimes and ensuring the logistics for all movable large components. As the next step, we look at each and every detail, no matter how minute. Not only do we take even the smallest tube into account, we also incorporate your particular wishes, using our creative engineering skills to provide you with a tailor-made solution.

Workshop fabrication


Engineering, drawings, inspection and test plans, welding plans, etc.
At MAN Energy Solutions, we manufacture each part for your FCC unit in our state-of-the-art workshops in Deggendorf. Using only high-grade materials, our master engineers and craftspeople cut steel sheets, roll plates, weld and finish each component with the utmost care and dedication. Our customers expect outstanding quality. We are proud to exceed their expectations.

Loading and transportation


Shipping very large components can pose a real challenge. We enjoy direct quayside access to the River Danube from our workshops. From our Deggendorf site, we ship directly to Rotterdam (pieces of up to 8m in diameter) or Constanta (up to 10m in diameter). Our cranes can handle up to 1800mt unit weight. Furthermore, we enjoy close access to the A92 and A3 motorways.

On-site assembly


Once all components have reached your site, our highly skilled workshop personnel are available to assemble the FCC plant in situ. With over 100 TARs under our belt, we are incredibly fast, leaving downtimes to a minimum. Our sophisticated assembly concepts have been fine-tuned to reduce the risk of delay down to a minimum. Should we need more manpower than we can supply ourselves, we have instant access to other excellent teams which we have worked with many times over the past decades.

maximum weight of one of our high-pressure vessels

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MAN Energy Solutions is the one-stop shop for all your equipment and planning needs.

As a solution partner, we work with customers worldwide to take their businesses to the next level. Your individual requirements are always at the heart of what we do. Talk to us to find out why we have earned the trust of so many customers. 

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