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Digital and service agreements

Boost cost predictability with tailored service agreements by MAN PrimeServ. We ensure the availability and performance of your turbines and compressors – so you can focus on your core operations and grow your business.
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Predictability – the key to operational success

Through our service agreements, you directly leverage the experience, expertise, and portfolio of a leading turbomachinery OEM. Your competitive edge benefits from our ongoing research and development and access to cutting-edge tools, advanced digital technology, and the latest component designs.

Predictable costs, plant availability and risk sharing to help you achieve your long-term goals

Every industrial plant operator faces unique challenges. We give you full control in configuring our services to help you tackle yours. This includes the choice of your payment plan and the length of our contract.

To give you greater flexibility, MAN PrimeServ takes a modular approach to service agreements. Modules range from scheduled tasks – such as preventive maintenance and inspections – to condition-based services, from machine train operation to full-service cover for your assets. In addition to maintenance, MAN PrimeServ also operates machinery trains for customers. The full-service offering not only allows you to decide which responsibilities and risks you wish to share but lets you set parameters and outcomes, such as response times and level of availability.

Service goes digital. And, with PrimeServ Assist’s digital service agreements, so do you

Increase uptime, reliability, and performance while reducing your OPEX costs

With our digital service agreements, you take the digital capabilities of your plant to the next level. PrimeServ Assist brings you remote diagnostics, anomaly detection, and 24/7 TechLine support. A dedicated machine expert crunches your live machine data and provides comprehensive reports and top-notch operational consulting. They notify you before issues materialize, recommend preventive steps, and highlight potential for improved performance. Enhanced monitoring, machine analytics, and our algorithms give you an insight into the turbomachinery at the heart of your plant you can capitalize on to boost overall plant performance, one KPI at a time.

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Do you want greater predictability and availability in your plant operations?

We want to make sure you get a service agreement in the configuration that best serves your needs. Our experts help you explore service capabilities that make sense for the overall performance of your plant. They explain the benefits of services and add-ons and highlight synergy effects. In short: We offer you the consulting you need to tailor our services in a way that best benefits your plant and your long-term goals.

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