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Ammonia’s great potential as a sustainable fuel

Ammonia is mass-produced from gas and coal and it has a very important role in the world: most of it is used to make fertilizers. So where is the potential for power generation? Ammonia can be produced using nothing but air, water, and green energy. Its key advantage as a fuel is that it contains no carbon and hence no CO2 is formed during its combustion in engines.

Future fuel ammonia

Ammonia-ready infrastructure

When produced from renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power, ammonia releases almost zero carbon and sulfer oxides emissions in combustion. It is handled using established technologies and infrastructure, making it easy to integrate. It is well established as a global commodity, so the infrastructure is already in place in harbors and logistical hubs all over the world, together with well-established routines and safety regulations. The use of ammonia in ship engines is pioneering the development of renewable ammonia for zero-carbon power generation.

carbon content in ammonia
CO2, SOx, or PM emissions
of renewable ammonia
energy density of ammonia

Ammonia in
power generation applications

Ammonia is expected to become an important decarbonized fuel for power generation. MAN Energy Solutions is therefore in the process of developing power plant solutions for operation on ammonia. We already provide efficient compressor train solutions for ammonia processes and are developing two-stroke ammonia-fueled engines with power outputs between 12 and 68 MW as well as four-stroke dual fuel engines with an output of 26 MW. The engines are expected to be used firstly in industrial power generation, for example steel, fuel production and industrial parks, and later for utilities.


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