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White papers

A white paper is a research report or guide designed to help you solve a problem or get more in-depth information on a specific topic. Are you interested in sound, industry-specific knowledge from our experts and want to gain greater insights and inspiration? Then take a look at our white papers. You can download the white papers free of charge after entering your contact details.

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Energy transition with hydrogen

We will evaluate the challenges facing potential developments of hydrogen in power generation. These concern transport, the use of existing infrastructure, and the roles of industrial sectors. Having considered the background and challenges, we present a short decision-making guide to investing in hydrogen and / or synthetic natural gas. We also provide three use cases from the food and beverage industry, shipping, and aviation. Finally, we will look at power-to-X solutions for the production of synthetic natural gas and describe electrolysis and methanation in detail.

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Molten salt energy storage

Long-duration energy storage (LDES) is needed to ensure the reliability of electric utilities as they move toward 100 % clean energy targets. MAN Energy Solutions has developed the molten salt energy storage system, or MOSAS, to meet and exceed utility customers' expectations. MOSAS uses renewable electricity to raise molten salt to very high temperatures and this salt can be stored for any length of time.

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CO2 reduction toolbox

We have emitted carbon dioxide without concern. Natural sinks are not absorbing the anthropogenic emissions, and atmospheric concentrations are increasing. Gradual warming is the outcome. While the change is unnoticeable in our busy daily lives, it is perceptible in delicate environments. Technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is available. Emission sources are diverse, and many technologies can be used. Some of the most promising technologies will be described here.

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Decarbonize now with LNG-to-power

While the hard CO2 reduction targets are defined from 2030 on, steps can already be taken for future-proof and LCOE-driven investments that will pave the way for the new energy world. Although in the long run, fossil fuels will lose their share of the energy production market, in the mid-term they will still remain the main source for energy production. Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels and is already able to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 50 % compared to coal.

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Industrial heat pumps

This white paper is aimed to provide readers with basic knowledge on the current energy market and technologies an insight about the principle of “Carnot Batteries”. More specifically the paper gives an overview of the MAN's ETES technology, an innovative heat pump system coupled with thermal storage that provides heat and cold in addition to electricity, and its wide range of applications.

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Integrated energy production

This white paper aims to highlight the changes in the global energy industry. These are immense, but have the advantage that in addition to the challenges and adjustments in the previous model, they can also bring great opportunities for the future. Opportunities for business models that can be newly built or integrated into the existing one.

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Hybrid power

This paper presents two use cases for hybrid power systems based on real project data. Both use cases show that hybridization supports reliable and cost-effective power generation. In many cases, hybridization is the only commercially viable way to maximize RES penetration, while ensuring security of supply.

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Gas turbine vs. gas engine

Comparing the efficiency and flexibility of MAN gas turbines and gas engines of the same output class in three different combined heat and power (CHP) processes involving steam and hot water generation. See how power-to-heat ratios and steam parameters affect the overall fuel utilization and therefore the profitability.

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Small-scale LNG

Small-scale LNG has the potential to support particularly remote areas and islands with the cleanest fossil fuel available for power generation. Due to the operation flexibility it can be seen as a perfect match with the fluctuating renewables like wind and solar power for investment in a sustainable future energy mix.

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