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Our dedication starts long before an order has been placed. Our experts and employees are continuously working on our products and solutions, which is why we now offer most of our sophisticated tools, documentation, and downloads on our website – to turn planning into an easy task for you.

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This app offers you a world of products and company information. It gives you a newsstand experience of all our latest brochures as well as a lot of pictures, animations and information that you can download for free. Enjoy the exciting way of information gathering.

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3D experience

Take a 3D tour of a gas engine power plant in our interactive product experience. You will discover a choice of basic or extended equipment supply and electrical and control systems.


Easily calculate the methane number and Wobbe index with our helpful planning tool, and use that knowledge to optimize the operation of your gas engines and gas turbines.

If you want to know what specific upgrade measures you can take right now to get more out of your turbomachinery, use our PrimeServ SolutionAdvisor. In just four steps we can tell you, which upgrade solutions work for you.


A reliable power supply is essential for global progress and prosperity. We help to secure a clean, efficient energy supply for a number of different applications: Utilities to provide reliable power to millions of people, urban cities to respond to the major challenge of providing a steady supply of cost-effective, low-emission energy, and industrial customers to ensure a secure long-term energy supply.

As the world works towards a carbon-free future, energy providers are forced to find ways to cut emissions while still producing reliable, affordable power. We have a number of innovative approaches in our portfolio of solutions to help providers increase efficiency, avoid losses, and maximize output.

We have an extensive range of engines and turbines to keep your power plants going strong. At the heart of many processes, our compressors boast superior quality and high efficiency. And we also produce emergency diesel generators to increase the safety of nuclear power plants.

We like to keep you updated about the latest developments in the field of energy. This is why we created our new webinar format “MAN ExpertTalk”. Our webinars provide insights into the latest topics and news. If you missed one of our webinars, you can download the webinar recordings and presentations from our webinar library here.

With our white papers, our experts deliver industry-relevant insights into the latest power-related topics. Take a look at our overview and feel free to download any of our white papers you are interested in.

We have a selection of posters relating to our solutions and products, which are now available for our customers to download. You can also find our latest brand posters here.

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