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On the mission to a decarbonized world, using clean-burning natural gas is one of the first steps towards a less carbon-intense future. It is the fossil fuel with the lowest emissions and is therefore particularly interesting in light of global emission targets.

Methane Number and Wobbe Index Calculator

For future viability, MAN’s gas engines and gas turbines play an important role in this transition thanks to their efficiency and cost-effective operation. However, natural gas quality shows significant differences worldwide, which is why MAN now offers a Methane Number and Wobbe Index Calculator for your gas engines and gas turbines. This calculator allows you to determine the suitability of your local gas supply – for clean and efficient power production!

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The calculation tool and its results are for general information and do not take into account specific requirements and conditions for your application. Therefore, the results are for guidance and information only. MAN Energy Solutions does not take any liability for these results and recommends that you contact us for a specific application and methane number calculation.

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