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A bridging technology towards a carbon-free future: Liquefied natural gas 

Global energy demand is on the rise. At the same time, CO2 emissions must be cut. Using natural gas is the first step towards a less carbon-intense future. However, many power generation plants have no access to natural gas. Our LNG solutions enable the safe storage and regasification of natural gas where it is needed.

Be in charge of your own power supply:
LNG is the way to go

Independent of existing pipeline infrastructure, LNG can make your power clean, reliable and cost-efficient. 

One response to the pressures facing the power generation industry is the use of clean-burning natural gas. It is the fossil fuel with the lowest emissions and is therefore particularly interesting in light of global emission targets. Liquefying natural gas is a technique which makes it possible to greatly decrease its volume – by a factor of 625. For you this means much more efficient storage and transportation, keeping large amounts of raw energy available in an extremely effective manner. 
Because LNG is easy to transport, it allows you to become independent of existing gas pipeline infrastructure. Our LNG-to-power solutions are based on flexible dual fuel or gas engines and highly efficient gas turbines and deliver an output of 10 – 300 MW. We can work with you on individual aspects of LNG-to-power or be your one-stop service provider, offering a single-source EPC solution. From consultation on LNG logistics through to supply contracts, unloading, storage concepts, regasification and conversion to power, we've got you covered. 

reduction in sulfur (SO2) and fine particle emissions
reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions
reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions

Complete solutions from a single source – LNG bunker facilities

Small MAN LNG terminal

LNG to power graphic

Small-scale LNG terminals from MAN Energy Solutions are either located close to the consumer, like a gas-fired power plant, or close to the LNG unloading facility in harbor areas. The terminals are scaled in a modular manner to match the storage and consumption requirements. LNG is stored in vacuum-insulated bullet tank units that allow for long-term storage without the need for liquefaction of boil-off gas. In most cases, the tanks are refilled from LNG trucks. A small-scale LNG terminal consists of:

  • LNG unloading
  • LNG vacuum-isolated tanks
  • LNG pumps
  • Regasification units

Medium MAN LNG terminal

LNG to power graphic

Medium MAN Energy Solutions LNG terminals can be scaled to provide gas for 10 – 200 MW. The LNG is stored in vacuum-insulated bullet tanks. The tanks are refilled from LNG vessels.  

  • Scalable sizes: 10 – 200 MW
  • Frequency of filling: 14 days
  • Vacuum-insulated bullet tanks 1000 m³/tank 
  • Unloading from small LNG vessels
  • Regasification unit 

Large MAN LNG terminal

LNG to power graphic

Large MAN Energy Solutions LNG terminals can be scaled to provide gas for 150 – 300 MW. The LNG is stored in flat-bottom tanks, which are refilled from LNG vessels. 

  • Scalable sizes: 150- 300 MW
  • Frequency of filling: 14 days
  • Flat-bottom tanks
  • Unloading from large LNG vessels
  • Regasification unit 

MAN LNG-to-power solutions

Meeting the growing demand for clean energy.

While energy demand is growing steadily around the world, so are the cost pressures and environmental targets. The path to clean and cost-effective energy generation involves innovative technologies and diversifying energy sources. LNG-to-power has become a global trend, with gas-fired power generation expected to grow by more than 26% by 2030.

Clean-burning natural gas is a key component in our transition to a carbon-free future, but for future viability, it requires cost-effective operation and improved use of existing gas infrastructure. LNG offers an easy way to transition to low-carbon power generation. And when renewables are being integrated into a grid, the flexibility of LNG can mitigate demand fluctuations. MAN covers the whole LNG value chain, from consultancy on logistics through supply contracts, unloading, storage concepts, regasification and power generation.

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84 MW power plant supplies all of Gibraltar with environmentally friendly energy

MAN Energy Solutions successfully commissioned three dual fuel and three gas engines at the newly built power plant in Gibraltar. The plant increases its overall efficiency by utilizing the waste heat from the engines to regasify the LNG in the connected LNG terminal. 

End customer: Gibelec
Application:  Base load power plant
Location:  Gibraltar
No. and engine type:

3 x MAN 14V51/60G + 3 x MAN 14V51/60DF

Plant output: 84 MW
Fuel: Natural gas (LNG) / Diesel
Commercial operation:07/2019
MAN's work scope:Gensets & mechanical auxiliaries

MAN PrimeServ protects your energy assets from day one

Whether you feed energy into the grid or satisfy a localized demand, on land or at sea, our technicians provide what you need – where and when you need it, ensuring the availability, flexibility, and profitability of your plant.

How you benefit:

  • Fast, reliable and expert customer support 
  • Prompt delivery of OEM spare parts
  • Bespoke O&M contracts
  • Global service – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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growth in gas-fired power generation by 2030
independence from pipeline infrastructure made possible by LNG

Work with us to find the ideal LNG-to-power solution for your business

Whether you're looking for advice or a single-source EPC provider: We have the necessary in-house cryogenic knowledge of engineering, production and installation to provide LNG infrastructure in line with your requirements. We also supply customized retrofit solutions.  

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