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Effective solutions for your power generation challenges 

As the world works towards a carbon-free future, energy providers are forced to find ways to cut emissions while still producing reliable, affordable power. We have a number of innovative approaches in our portfolio of solutions to help providers increase efficiency, avoid loss and maximize output.  

Our power solutions incorporate renewable energy sources for cleaner power. Combined heat and power (CHP) plants convert waste heat to useful energy, maximizing every drop of fuel. Our energy storage technologies make it possible to store generated energy for future use – ensuring reliable power when needed. Innovative power-to-X solutions convert renewable energies to synthetic fuels, also allowing for storage and later use in times of demand. Finally, our LNG-to-power solutions make clean-burning liquefied natural gas available in remote areas without access to gas pipelines, or on the coast where LNG would be more lucrative – for clean, cost-effective power you can count on.

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