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About us

MAN Energy Solutions Benelux is based in the middle of the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp to deliver the full MAN Energy Solutions Support to all the ports from the North of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. A team of at least 120 people and well equipped workshops make sure that you get round-the-clock service, 365 days a year. 

PrimeServ Benelux services include the development of tailor-made maintenance concepts, ranging from planned inspections, refits and complete overhauls, to complex repairs in the case of unforeseen events. Skilled engineers are available on-site or online to complete all service requests for MAN equipment and all other major brands.

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Our products and services

These are exciting times for energy. Explore the changes and innovations affecting every part of the sector and the whole world around us.

The whole future of marine shipping depends on major technological advances. Is your knowledge up to date?

The industry is being challenged to meet the increasing demand for energy while reducing overall emissions. Keep your eye on the latest developments.

What happens when raw materials meet digital data? That’s just one of the questions affecting the way we work.

We will keep you performing at peak levels with our expert-driven service solutions and remote monitoring analytics solutions. Service is evolving.

Omnicare is a one-stop service solution that provides complete support for all your equipment – engines and turbomachinery – regardless of manufacturer.

Our local competences


With a team of at least 120 people and our well-equipped workshops, we are able to offer the full MAN Energy Solutions portfolio. 

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Dedicated to decarbonization, we are committed to offer environmentally compliant, reliable engines, propulsion systems, and advanced SCR exhaust gas treatment solutions for vessels. Our mission is to drive sustainability in marine technology.


As a trusted partner in industrial applications for decades, we maintain an unwavering commitment to innovation, constantly seeking more efficient and reliable technologies for our clients.

Omnicare – 3rd party service

We will maintain, repair, and supply original spare parts for engines, turbochargers, and auxiliary equipment from non-MAN manufacturers.
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MAN Energy Solutions
Schiekade 36, 3125 KJ Schiedam

+31 10 272 4500 (24/7)


MAN Energy Solutions Belgium N.V.
Noorderlaan 181, 2030 Antwerp

+32 3 543 85 00 (24/7)

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