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Our Academy Shanghai

Shanghai: your entrance to China

PrimeServ Academy Shanghai offers you professional training courses conducted by experienced and dedicated teachers in a state-of-the-art environment with all amenities.

All courses are facilitated by the actual size of engine components, turbochargers, turbomachinery, and control system simulators. Participants can get hands-on experience and gain troubleshooting experience during the course. In other words, we don't just provide you with in-depth theoretical knowledge. With our practical training equipment you can also practice immediately. In the meantime, our training courses at MAN headquarters and in the PrimeServ Academy Network are being meticulously developed.

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With brand new, practical equipment and an expanded group of select instructors, the Academy is a fully equipped training center that meets all expectations. You have plenty of time for interactive training, group discussions, workshops and knowledge sharing.

The following training topics are offered by us:

Low speed engine

  • ME-C
  • ME-B

Medium speed engine

  • 32/40
  • 48/60
  • 51/60DF
  • SaCoSLarge Bore
  • SaCoSGenset
  • PA 6


  • TCA
  • TCR
  • NA
  • NR


  • Steam turbine
  • RIKT
  • RG
  • MGT

New: Live courses

Distance would not keep you away from learning. Since 2020, we have established an E-learning platform for our students on WeChat, using the digitized solution to keep you learning. You can watch our courses and digital brochures with just a click on your smart phone.

The platform is:

  • Flexible
  • Self-paced
  • Available any time, any place

You can scan the QR code below and follow our company account to get the latest update!

QR-Code China

Live course in China

MAN PrimeServ Academy Shanghai

Shanghai - your entrance to China. The MAN PrimeServ Academy Shanghai provides you with professional training given by experienced and dedicated instructors in a state of the art environment with all amenities.

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