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Customized solutions for all marine applications

Customized solutions for all marine applications

MAN Energy Solutions India provides customized solutions for all marine applications on a “one-stop” basis. We provide efficient medium-speed, four-stroke engines, and high-powered, two-stroke engines, available in diesel or dual fuel.  The advanced features of the two-stroke engines offered by the ME generation and the common rail systems of the four-stroke engines ensure compliance with tomorrow’s emissions regulations today. MAN has earned a distinguished reputation for delivering dependable power to the world fleet.

Small Bore Engines-Made in India for the globe

These well-established engine types are used in various applications all around the world. Based on long-term experience, the engines are subject to continuous development to improve power, emissions, fuel consumption and reliability, making them the ‘work horse’ in your power house. MAN four-stroke small bore diesel engines are designed to offer the optimum in fuel flexibility. The engines are the ideal source of power whether you want to build a ‘green power plant’ burning liquid bio fuels or you need power from crude oil. Please contact MAN Energy Solutions for further information. Liquid fuels: diesel, HFO, liquid bio fuel and crude oil.

Our factory in Aurangabad for small-bore diesel engine production wherein we manufacture four-stroke engines for marine and power plant applications. While these engines compete with high-speed alternatives in the sub 2000kW market, their slower operation makes them more fuel efficient and less liable to wear, giving them a longer lifecycle.

Leading suppliers of industrial steam turbines

MAN Energy Solutions India is one of the leading suppliers of industrial steam turbines with a comprehensive range of products and services. 

Our top priority for steam turbine development has always been to deliver safe, efficient and reliable units according to its individual customers needs. Our steam turbines have proven these qualities in numerous facilities, and underlies a continuous optimization process. 

Modular turbine concept allows for a flexible arrangement of the main components and enables the overall expedient assembly to be set up in line with specific customer and/or process requirements. 

Our steam turbine portfolio covers a 4 MW to 50 MW range. 

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