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Customer:Consorcio Energético Punta Cana Macao
Application:TC Retrofit
Location:Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Completion:March 2019
MAN' scope of work:Replacement of old TC´s by new generation TCR´s


Santa Fe Powerpant references panama
Customer:Santa Fe Power Plant
Application:Major Overhaul
Location:Panama City, Republic of Panama
Completion:July 2019 
MAN' scope of work:

Overhauling of a 4 sets, 8 L23/30H

Facts:A long maintenance relationship has been maintain through the last 10 years as MAN PRIMESERV PANAMA. Technical support, spare part arrangement and workshop support has been done.


Customer:MV MSC Cochrane
Application:Main bearing exchange
Location:Panama City, Republic of Panama
Completion:November 2019
MAN' scope of work:

Main bearing exchange

Facts:After Panama Canal transit, high temperature was reported in one main bearing. A team was arranged and the shells were exchanged by new spare part after 26 working continuously. She can continue with her voyage without no load restriction in main engine


Cochrane References Panama

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