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FPPs – long-haul propulsion at the lowest operational costs

Tailored FP propeller designs with bolted replaceable blades or bolted adjustable blades can be offered for special high ice class ship and propulsion applications. Bolted blades offer the option of exchangeability without docking the vessel and bolted adjustable blades make it possible to adjust the ‘fixed’ pitch setting. Furthermore, a new-generation FP propeller with flanged hub/shaft connection is available. Shaft line systems with tail shafts, intermediate shafts, bearings, shaft alternators, and couplings are always customized and optimized to the individual powertrain and ship.
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MAN Alpha FPPs are ideal for ships where the highest efficiency and sturdy simplicity take top priority. They are the obvious choice for ocean-going vessels involving straightforward propulsion plants and operational patterns with long-haul sailing at service speeds at or around the propeller design and layout point, close to or precisely at the maximum propulsive efficiency. Straightforward FPPs are, however, also specified for smaller yachts and workboats.


  • Lowest TCO (total cost ownership): Operational savings are ensured by a highly efficient design with few wearing parts – robustly designed for high reliability and longevity
  • Minimum fuel consumption and emission levels: Maximized propeller efficiency ensures reduced fuel consumption and a reduction in the exhaust gas emission levels
  • Efficiency optimized by design: The superior efficiency from the streamlined and smallest hub dia./propeller dia. ratio is exploited with respect to controlled cavitation, pressure pulses, and noise. 

An optimal propeller for any application

Flexibility for efficiently covering all propulsion power requirements of MAN’s engine ranges.

Need more background to propulsion?

See our: Basic principles of propulsion
UP to and larger than
meter propeller diameter
standard blade number
3, 4, 5 or 6 per propeller

MAN PrimeServ propeller maintenance concept

Our propeller maintenance concept (PMC) service packages for propeller maintenance are offered in connection with five- and/or ten-year inspections – in accordance with the docking periods recommended by the classification societies.

How you benefit

  • Prompt delivery of high-demand spare parts within 24 hours
  • Fast, reliable and competent customer support
  • Individually tailored O&M contracts
  • Ongoing training and qualification of operators and maintenance staff
  • Global service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
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